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Protein Powder Ideas

I'm asked a lot about my favorite powders.
And I have thoughts.
These are my favorites.
Do I know everything about every powder?
Do I claim to?
This is just me, telling you what I love.
Maybe you will too.
Maybe you have other thoughts.
Hey, Matterers, share those here.

This is my Jam.  
This is my life.
Click the picture to be linked to the product.

This is just a whey protein.
It is smooth.
It is delicious.
And I have no affiliation with them except that I love their product and I believe in it.
Chocolate with water is my daily go to.

The other thing is while Chris' Vemma product is AWESOME too, it has already included carbs, when I want to make a Green Monster Smoothie, I have to add banana to over power the kale flavor, if I did that to Chris' product, I'd be doubling up carbs.

So this is my Low Carb day go to do shtuff.
And it's delicious.
The end.

MRM is also delicious and I use it for the low carb days too.
It's cheaper and is an option for friends who are struggling with wanting to add Protein Powder, but knowing that financially it's not easy

My Man.
And complete.
Add water.
Add coconut milk yogurt and make a dessert.
Add Almond Milk
Done and done.

My go to for high carb day.
And it's delicious, did that I mention that already?
But seriously, I have a hard time slowing down.
Most protein powders we drink quickly, this guy, I savor.

And finally shout out to my friends at Shaklee.
I don't know a lot about their products aside from their Vitalizer, which WILL get it's own post soon because it's amazing.
I do know someone who could tell you everything you'd need to know.
Jacqui McCoy from Season Two of Extreme: Find YOUR Fight


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