Five meals a day!
You eat five meals a day?
I do.

Do you love it?
I do.  I do.  I do-oo.

I eat once within the first 1/2 hour of rising.
And then I eat every three hours.
With small meals at each interval.

Is it perfect?
No.  Not all the time.
But then again, neither am I.

But this is what worked for me in switching my brain from looking at food as an endless smorgasbord to food as fuel.

And water.
Always water.
Like 2 gallons a day, water.

I TRY.  Keyword, TRY.
To do a protein the size of my palm, a carb the size of my fist, and green, green, greens, at every meal.
Sometimes I'll throw in a fat at the first and last meal.
I usually fail at that.
Unless there is cashews.
Then I win. :)

In the coming weeks, I'd be happy to share what a day in the life of my meals looks like.
Maybe even a week in the life :)
For now, let's just talk BFast.
I start each morning with one of these bad boys:
For my protein, a cup of berries for my carb, and if I'm feeling crazy, or lifting at the gym, I chuck down some almonds/cashews and call it a meal.

I'm on the go-go-go.
It's got to be easy and fast.
And this is.
300 Calories.

This is not one meal.  HA!
But, it's a BEFORE, for sure. :)
Hey, Matterers, how many meals do you eat?
What works for you and why?

(And, did you watch Meredith's episode?  What did you think?  She's pretty awesome, huh?)


  1. Worked last night~ missed the show.
    I eat 5 times a day and stick with my meal plan. Staying on plan keeps me sane without the cravings..

    1. You're so spot on - us planners, keep to the plan :) Knowing what we need and we need it - keeps us sane. will catch you up!

  2. Trying my hardest to get 5 small meals in daily, but with my crazy schedule it doesn't always happen. But, I do make sure I stay hydrated. The best flowers out there are the ones that are watered daily. :)
    Thanks for being an inspiration, I saw a lot of myself in your your transformation journey. It helps seeing someone like me succeed. I'm about 1 month into carb cycling and I'm down 28 pounds.

    1. Glad I could be a little bit of Mirror :) 28 pounds?! CONGRATS!

  3. Jami,

    What brand turkey patties do you buy? what do you eat on your free day?


    1. I make my own :) - Free Day is usually just like any other day during the week. Except, maybe I'll have dinner out and have salmon cooked in oil and maybe Frozen Yogurt. I don't really go nutty - I consider it reset day :)


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