There are FOURTEEN pounds or there abouts in a stone.
In one round on Extreme I lost about 1 stone.
I can't tell you which round, you'll have to watch, but in the end - I lost a lot of stones.

However, I still detest the scale.
Numbers and I don't hang out together very often anymore.
I step on a scale every now and then, but there is one scale I love.
My trainer at home weighs me in now and then I dare not peek at the number.
Because I decided somewhere along this journey that numbers would not define me.
Could not.

The only scale I'll ever love.
If you know me, at all, you know how happy this little guy makes me.  Joy. photo 459516_10100707469252832_975696468_o.jpg
No, seriously. Love.

A lot.

Once you begin to eat healthier, you'll start needing to calorie count.
Save yourself a lot of trouble and invest in a GOOD FOOD scale.
They have digital and these less high tech versions.

I'm less high tech.
And cook a lot with liquids that need measuring.
Two birds, one lovely scale.

It also can never measure me, which is a good thing for my body dismorphia. :)


Check it - did you enter every day?


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