One second to check my messages.
One minute to think it through.
One hour to schedule an interview.
One day to take away from work.
One week to spend at finals.
One month to wait and hear.
One Year to change my life.

This year all started with one.

One phone call.

But that story and the young lady making that call is for after my episode airs.
For now, let’s chat for one second ;).

I want to create an open space.
Where we can ask questions.
Be honest.
Be open.
Be kind.
Be caring.
And perhaps, most importantly, be authentic.

So here it is, a space called We Matter, where, hopefully, we can do just that – Matter.

I’ll share what I know to be true for me.
You’ll come to the ballet with me this summer.
And rehearsal for Les Miserable this fall.
And we’ll chat, openly.

You’ll ask questions, and I’ll do my best to be honest. 
I don’t know that I’ll have answers, and I don’t promise to either.
More importantly, others may have answer for you.
Even better.

Can you comment questions for now?  Yes.
Can you email questions for now?  Yes.
Can you telepathically send me questions?  Sure, try away.

What’s that?  Youwant to work out?
Meet me any day of the week at the 6:15 am class at Crossfit Firestorm, in Chicopee, MA.  And most days, at 5:30, too.
Or running in Stanely Park in Westfield.
Or running the Esplande this summer.
I’ll be outdoors somewhere.

I hope to share good recipes, routines, resources, and real pieces of me.
And hopefully you will to.

And we’ll get busy, with this business of mattering.



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