June Seventh Nineteen Eighty Three.
I arrived at 7:21 am in the Pinar Clinic in Santiago, Chile.

That happened.
If you want to do the math with me - that's Thirty years ago.


One year ago, I was celebrating on the deck of the Arizona Boot Camp house.
Jacqui Hart McCoy was making me some of Paulette's awesome strawberries with Stevia and Balsamic Vinegar.
My surrogate Dad, Bob Brenner, was grilling salmon.
Heidi and Chris and I posed for a Birthday Photo.
And I fit into a size 20 dress.

Two days later - my world crumbled (wait for that post next week).
More specifically, two discs in my lower spine crumbled.

This year?
I'm off on an adventure.
A spa day, a pool night, and lobstah.

And the very, very, very best part?
It's just Me.
Taking it in.
Working it out.

Now, since my birthday is all about Random Acts of Kindess this year, I have a random act for YOU!
Water was a huge change to my routine this year.
I drink it all the time.
Like ON the hour EVERY HOUR.
And I want you to drink too!

So, I'm giving away a pair of these fancy (made with love by me for you) water bottles.
Since I don't know who the winner is yet, you'll get to help design the colors that will work for you :)

Two similar bottles, one for morning, one for afternoon.
2 liters.

Enter away between now and Monday.
Then wait anxiously for the winner to be revealed! :)
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  1. Happy Belated BIRTHday Jami...I had no idea you were a fellow Gemini!!! Congrats on all your wonderfully amazing changes this past year...Welcome to your 30th year!

    1. Thanks Susan!
      Geminis rock! :) 29 was pretty remarkable and will be tough to beat - but celebrating tonight at the Roller Skating Rink should be a great start!

  2. Happy belated birthday! 30 is the new 20.......or something like that lol


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