Oh Jean Pierre.  Wasn't watching theater here - but a BEAUTIFUL BALLET!
"I am sixteen, going on seventeen...."
Sound of music?
Julie Andrews Fanatics?

I love Broadway.
This is a solid life fact.
Some might even call me obsessed.
Okay, a lot of people might.

I mean how many people saw Wicked more than a dozen times?
Or sat in the 6th row of Les Miserable and sang every word...ALOUD?
Or guffawed at Beauty and the Beast until the transformation scene and then cried like a baby?
Or hates profanity but counts Book of Mormon as one of the greatest musicals of all time?

Anyways, what does that have to do with today's post?
Not a lot actually, I needed to get the number 16 to be a part of today's post to say, I'm thinking that my episode will be airing on Tuesday, July, 16th, 2014 on ABC @ 8pm.

This is not confirmed, and dates could change, who knows, they could even cancel my episode. ;)

But for now, let's set our DVR's folks.  Just set 'em.
And get ready to watch Ryan's inspiring episode, Tuesday June, 25th @8pm.

AND - winners were chosen for the hydration bottles.
Winners were notified, but if you're curious...head here: WINNERS - to see the winners.

AND - my dear Matters, stay tuned for another give away sometime this week! ;)


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