Six Pack?

No, not mine!
Hey Emma! Summer 2011
(And not Starbucks Refreshers either - you can check out my Products I Love page for more information on that.)

Chris and Heidi just announced that the sixth member of the Powell Pack is on their way for November.

The cast of Extreme Weight Loss does end up one messy, big group of friends, some closer than others.
Chris and Heidi are the thread that binds our fabrics together.
And they are strong individuals to do it.

I'm blessed to call both of them friends, even if Chris does seem to get injured anytime we're near each other.
My favorite thing about both of them is the way they love.
Which is what makes them incredible parents.

It's an open, firm, real, funny, ridiculous, silly, stern, and boundless kinda love.  I'm excited for baby #4 to feel that kind of love.

And for Cash to be joined by quite possibly the CUTEST sibling known to man kind life.
Adorbs:  Heidi's Instagram!

(ALSO - Heads up - tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!  Anyone up for a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY?!  HOORAY!)


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