There are more than ten things that I love about my sister.
Like 10 times infinity.
Or Infinity times infinity.
(::Mind blown::)
But today let's pick just ten.
Love you, Buddy!

One.) You are B-E-A-YOUTIFUL!  No, seriously?  When will people stop asking me if I'm the smart one, since you're the pretty one?

Two.) When you and I are in the same room, we twin talk.  Even though we're not twins.  And I pick up your affect.  And it's hystericalous.

Three.) You are the fashionista.  And you keep me cool in that way.  Or at least you try.  I fail a lot.  I LOVE STRIPES!

Four.) You are HILARIOUS.  Funniest lady I know.  Hands down.  Bar none.

Five.)  Until I met you, I didn't fit in my own skin.  Then I met you, and you helped me realize I do, I really do-oo.

Six.) Your parents are awesome.  Like ridiculously awesome.  I love them a lot and I'm thankful you share them with me.  Sort of.  Even though they aren't my parents.  Helen and Joe - shout out!

Seven.) Why you so calm?  I love that about you.  I can call you with an EMERGENCY and you calm me down, laugh out loud a lot, and then tell me I'm dramatic.

Eight.) Bochinchera's.  We're a couple of gossips.  What can I say.  I love you for it, hope you love me for it most of the time.

Nine.) You tell me I'm pretty.  And you don't have to.  And sometimes, like 2 out of 10, I believe you. :)

Ten.) You are the most beautiful, intelligent, lovely, kind, caring, and courageous lady I know and the fact that we share genetics, seems impossible.  

Love you buddy.  


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