Therapy Thursdays.
One of the biggest changes to my life this year was Therapy.
I owe a huge thank you to Jacqui McCoy from Season 2 for the push to get it.

It was something I never considered.

That maybe my weight issues had less to do with the gym and delicious pastries and more to do with my heart and mind and spirit aligning – living.

Now, more than ever, I recommend therapy to everyone.
Not specifically MY therapist (who is amazing)– just that if you’re in a situation where it seems to be too much – there are qualified people to listen.

My close friend was going through a divorce – I suggested therapy.
The following week we were talking about how much we love therapy :).

It’s amazing how connected my weight was with my childhood.
And letting go of things.
And connecting with people.

There were, are, and continue to be times in therapy where my therapist talks about things in a way in which I just blink at her and wonder how she can get inside my head so quickly.

She specializes in people pleasers.

Specializes in it.

And that’s why I think it works so well for me.
I think if I had one good piece of advice for folks this year – it’s to go to therapy.

For some of you – traditional therapy isn’t where it’s at.
And believe me, I get it.

Funds, time, fit, feel – whatever the reason is.
So then, I think about what my advice would be for you.

And I think this is it – find YOUR therapy.
I’m not sure what that will look like for you.

Perhaps it’s a 20-minute car ride that you allow yourself to talk out loud and work through things.

An hour long run, walk, or bike ride where you turn down the tunes and start opening up in your mind.
Shout out Jacqui Hart-McCoy for my favorite AZ photo!

Meditation before bed.

A night out with the girls where you get real.

THIRTEEN minutes in the morning when you’re just waking up and you let yourself open up. ;)

I’m not sure.

But giving you that time, to think, to process, to cry, to ideate, to ruminate, to stew, to let go, to laugh, to process, to cry, and to do it all over again – that time for you – for me, has been paramount in my growth and changes this year.

I would love to share more with you about choosing a therapist, meditation, and what some of my key issues were/are as the year goes on.

I’m not perfect, not yet,  AND not ever.
So, therapy is the "perfect place" for me to come to terms with that and a whole lot of other goodness.


  1. What wonderful advice. I feel you can put all the work in the world into changing the outside but you need to start with also changing the inside as well.


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