Today, here are three things I learned from Meredith.

One.) Adopted Children rock. 
True story.
I have yet to meet one that doesn’t fascinate me.
Adopted children are jamazeballs.
Mer is adopted, so that makes her a rockstar.
But, what she taught me was that each of us has our own story.
And that sometimes, even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense, we feel strongly negative about our adoption story.

For me, I’ve always felt nothing but loved – by a large group of people.
And I’ve always known in my heart, even if it wasn’t in writing or in a story family told me, that my birth mother LOVED me with a fierceness I’d not be able to verify until this year.              

But for Mer, she felt differently.
And she taught me, that’s okay.

Two.)  People CAN and DO change.
That’s really inspiring, don’t you think?
When I first lived with Meredith, I had a hard time.
She struck me as self centered and insecure, which really isn’t a great combination.
And I thought, "She’ll never change."


She taught me, not only was I wrong, that people CAN change, but that people GROW.
We are all changing, learning, growing human beings (human beans – if you love The BFG like I do).

And even though some of us may take years to do it, if you help us, believe that we can, we might just surprise you and change.

Attending her finale/reveal was eye opening.
I had heard she had grown, but even I, someone who knew the show, was BLOWN away.

Three.) Take pictures.

Mer takes more photos than any other person I know on our cast.
All the big moments.
All the small moments.

Selfies like nobody’s business.
At first, I was like, lady, slow down, enjoy the moment, live in the moment.

Today?  You know something, I wish I had taken more.
My iphone5 was stolen while I was in AZ and I lost a good amount of photos,  but I never replaced it and therefore have no way of taking any photos.
When I think back to Mer and her fascination with needing to document everything...

Today, I’m just jealous. J

And I'm thankful to Meredith for these three things and a whole lot more.

Catch her episode TOMORROW NIGHT on ABC 8|9central.


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