Twenty Four.

There are Twenty Four hours in one gloriously made day.
I'm in Boston.
And everything about this city is home.
Just home.
It's also new, but it's home.

This morning I set out for my morning run.
Just a quick 5k.
100 sit ups.
10 Burpees.
And a commitment to climb the stairs to my sixth floor room at least twice today.

And I walked most of it.
And it reminded me of something that has happened a lot after this extreme year.

People who are intimated by the thought of working out with me.
And it makes me laugh out loud.
And then it makes me sad.

Nothing about this year is super human.
Nothing about my stamina or commitment is super human.

And when I go for a run, it's mostly a run walk, or intervals.
And when I crossfit, I'm not the heaviest lifter, or highest jumper, or even unbanded on most things.
And when I swim, it's slow.
And when I skate, it's slow.

And the truth is, I'm not trying to be.
I'm trying to be active and outside.
And open to learning new things.
So today, here are the top 10 reasons YOU can TOTALLY work out with me anytime, and keep up.
1.  I am slow.  Son.  SLOW.  More persevere than fast.
2.  I have bursitis in my right hip really bad.
3.  Bursitis has spread to my knee and makes running painful.
4.  I herniated two discs in my lower back earlier this year and am still wary of pushing it.
6.  I'm not competing against anyone, except myself.
7.  I have asthma, induced by allergies, so trust that at some point, I need to slow down.
8.  I love to run, but not long long long distances.
9.  I love to try new things, but I usually complain about them.
10.  I love all sorts of activity, so we don't have to just run or just Crossfit.  Let's get the kayaks out or the bikes.

There are many more hours in today's schedule.
Joining the gym.
Renting a Bike.

But I'll be moving.
And you could move right along side me.


  1. I love this post. It made me smile. A lot. Congrats on everything you've accomplished you deserve the moon and then some! :)


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