Twenty One.

Twenty One words in my all time favorite lyric from a musical:
"Well, I don't know if I believe that's true, but I know I'm who I am today, because I knew you."


(14 times in the theater.  LOVE.  That.  SHOW!)

Probably because Elphaba and I are kindred spirits.
Or because I love Idina Menzel.
Or because I love Joel Grey?
Or because I think Kristen Chenoweth is probably the most amazing adopted child ever in the history of man kind life?
Or the color green makes me happy and is my favorite color?

Okay, okay, whatever the reason, this number makes me heart melt EVERY time.

And it makes me think of one special lady in particular, Mrs. Jacqui Hart McCoy.
There are more than 21 things that I love about her too.
And we'll talk about that in a later post.

Today, give HER some
Stop by her little blog, see what she's been up to and get ready to journey with her into the next chapters of her life!

So exciting!

And Jacqui - you know I've been changed for good :).


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