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It's always amazing to me how ONE MAN can inspire so many.
Once I have that thought - I quickly spiral into wondering what I would have done without...

And that's when his voice resonates in me - he doesn't lose the weight for us.
He just knows a secret before we do - that we're far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and he spends the year helping us to figure that out.

This book was one of the first gifts on this journey.
The minute I received it, I spent all night reading it.

Highlighting it.
Making notes in the margins.

When I was done reading it - I felt more powerful than I had before.
There are HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of points in the book where I wondered how Chris had known that before me.  Known how I'd felt so alone.
Known how I'd felt like such a failure.

But - before I got too carried away, I left myself a note at the beginning of the book.
Because, while I think this book could change your life too - in the end - it will be YOU who ultimately has the power to change it.

You, who matters more than you can understand right now.
You, who is worth more than you give yourself credit for.
You, who will get up tomorrow.

I'm excited to be TWENTY pages in to CHOOSE MORE LOSE MORE and can't wait to review that here.

One of the greatest gifts as human beings is the ability to keep learning.

Keep reading.
Keep sharing.


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