Twins, I love.
Dave and Becca.


Two is better than one, right?

Here are two things I love about Becca:
One.) Gave me the 2nd only compliment in my entire life that I’ve been able to accept. 
During finals week she said, and I quote, “You’re beautiful.” 
And I said, “Thanks and the feeling is mutual.”

Two.) Will tell you like it is. 
I had a nasty habit at the Arizona Boot Camp house. 
I apologized. 
Too much and for everything. 
Becca and I were in the kitchen and I think I apologized for opening the refrigerator.  
And she was in the kitchen, so I guess I was apologizing to her. 
“Stop apologizing,” she said, matter-a-factly. 
And I tried. 
I still apologize too much, but I’m working on it.
…Sorry. J

Here are two things I love about Dave:

One.) The kid is hilarious. 
And I know he’s working on trying not to be funny to deflect, but he’s just funny by nature. 
Like Naughty By, but funny instead.

Two.) He’s a fellow storyteller.
While I’ve never struggled with addiction to pills, I have struggled with my own demons.
We’re two people who don’t like to feel.
Emotions are hard for us.
Emotions make us vulnerable.
And open.
And that’s hard for us.
And I appreciated walking/running with him and chatting about the uncomfortabilties of living in our skins.
And the stories we like to tell ourselves and others to get us through our lives.

And because we (and by that I do mean us, you and me – but me here) are working on accepting compliments, mind if I gush about me?

Two things I love about me:

One.)  My double unders FINALLY came him and I can now swing that rope around twice. 
Not in long strings or anything, but you know, I’m pretty dang proud.

Two.) My “sassy pants”. 
I mostly wear my “sassy pants” to Firestorm, my Crossfit Box here in Massachusetts.
My gym is pretty inappropriate (which is something I love about them).
I am not so much.
So, instead, I wear my “sassy pants”.
And when you still want to use bands for push ups, I SASS ya’.
And when you’re still on black/green bands for pull ups, I SASS ya’.
And if you’re Boysen, and it’s 6:15, and I haven’t woken up just yet, so, I SASS ya’.
And I love my Sassy Pants J.

Hey, what are two things you love about yourself, my fellow matterers?



  1. I love that through my own journey it gets hard! But I never stop motivating others, I love how I make people feel about themselves, it makes me feel good.

    I love that I have a NEVER GIVE UP attitude no matter how long it takes!

    1. Love that! And your NEVER GIVE UP attitude is something so precious! Great work!

  2. Thank you for this challenge, Jami. I am back almost 24 hours later with my answer.
    Two things I love about me:

    1. I love my appreciation for music of all types (okay, maybe not ALL types...but a good majority of the musical spectrum). Music feeds my soul.

    2. I love my appreciation for "making connections". It makes me giddy when a) people have things in common or b) I come to some sort of realization, be it simple or profound.

    P.S. It is my hope that more Matterers accept this challenge and share their responses.

    1. SophiaBestFriend: I too love your appreciation of all music too. And the fact that we connected in Boston. Love you, my fellow matterer.

  3. I love that I helped create some awesome children and my goofy sense of humor. I like being silly.


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