Who I am

While on vacation in Provincetown, MA with my Boston Ballet Summer Dance kids, I passed this sign.

It struck me and I snapped this photo.

If you know ANYTHING at all about me, this is one of my all time favorite Musical Numbers.  From La Cage.  I often think of the handsome and beautiful and charmingly debonaire, Mike Devlin, performing this part.  You'd have to be a UMASSer and attended his performace at Amherst College to have any idea of my infatuation, but needless to say, I LOVE this show.

For 100 reasons that I don't need to bore you with on the blog.
There was really never a part for me.
But I loved the show.

I digress here back to the point of this post.
This year on Extreme I learned a TON.
About life.
About myself.
About transformation.
About metamorphasis.
About body dismorphia.
About eating.
About exercise.
About being real.
About going after what you want.
About gratitude.

And therein, lies the root of my change.
The discovery that I AM, WHO I AM.

And whoever I am matters.
And whoever I am rocks.
And whoever I am can be ridiculous and real.

And whoever you are, you matter too.
And I'm sure you rock.
And you can be ridiculous and real all the time :).

Don't sell yourself short.
Or build a facade.

Show the world who you are and the world, well, the world that matters, they'll love it.


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