Another break from the MONTH OF LOVE!

I know, I know, and tomorrow, get ready, because there is a lot of love coming for my at Home Trainers, Phoenix and Dragon.

For today, though, some thoughts on answers.
After an experience like Extreme Weight Loss, more people than ever ask me questions that I just don't have the answers to.

What works for me?
What worked for you?
What was the hardest?
Why now?
Why not sooner?
Best exercises for....?

And I can tell them and you - nothing about my year on Extreme makes me an expert or guru.
Nothing about the way I exercised or ate was more perfect or better than another way.

In fact, it was in letting go of having to find the right tricks and just LIVING that I found the "perfect" solution for me.

Which was, letting go of being perfect.
And just being able to enjoy being me.

Living in the greater feeling of I matter and not the more submissive: did I count those calories or did I burn enough today?  In truth - that wasn't MY way to live.

It might could be yours. :)
It can be.
If it feels right, it should be.

I don't have any more answers then when I started.
And to be honest, open, and fair, I don't want them.
Everyone's journey to weight loss is SO varied.
I would hate for anyone to feel as though this is the "only way".
Because there isn't just one way.
No perfect way.

The perfect way?
That's YOUR way.


  1. I think when most people ask your opinion on something it's only because you have recent practical experience and they're asking for just that, your opinion. A lot of people have never eaten healthy or worked out ever in their lives and you being someone that people feel a connection with, they feel that they can ask for your opinion and a nudge in the right direction. The world of fitness (particularly the internet) is filled with misinformation so when people see a real tangible example of something that works standing before them, it inspires them to want to make that change for themselves. Would what worked for you work for everyone? Maybe not. But I guarantee that over 90% of people living an unhealthy sedentary life would benefit from exactly what worked for you.

    1. So much truth. In that regard, I'm happy and willing to keep sharing pieces of my year and what worked for me. I find it important to always preface what I say and share with the healthy and constant reminder that weight loss is NOT a one size fits all. And sometimes therapy will do it for people and sometimes weight watchers will. I am always wary of folks latching on to any blogger, writer, video, or even fitness guru as the ONLY answer, because I don't think I have any more than when I started my journey. :)

  2. So true! It's good that you stay focused on what works for you because it can also be draining to try to help others when you're actually not ready for that... I try to encourage my sister who is struggling with her weight but sometimes I feel like eating a whole cow after talking with her because I am not ready yet! ... I still struggle with my weight, with my bad habits, etc... and I am in no position to give advice or try and help others get out of the hole, when I, myself am fighting to stay on the right path. So... Good job sharing about what you go through but not trying to teach or advice... you're already helping by being open and honest about what you go through, that should be enough for everybody. :)


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