Happy 4th of July, America!

And under boobs.

Happy fourth and under boobs.
That's what I got for today.

So many comments about the under boob.
Or really under fat.
Of all the comments on the Extreme Weight Loss Page, my favorites are about my under fat.
"Cover those girls."
"Girl, cover those boobies."
"Put away the goods."

And my other favorites are the ones that say, not big.
Bahahahaha, not big?
Not that big?
Okay, well, 292 pounds felt pretty big to me.
You're right, it's not 400 pounds.

Anyways, back to the girls.
Fellow matterers.
Those comments make me laugh.
Out loud.
Do you really think ABC would let me walk around with girls hanging out?
I mean, really?
I like to envision Jason Kemp sitting at 3Ball trying to delete the not nice comments as fast as they come in.  If it's not Jason Kemp, don't tell me, that's what I like to envision.
"Damn boob comments."  Delete.

Try dressing a second set of boobs that is just fat.
It's like my body had a two pack.
At the upper ab.

Yeah, chew on that.
This is just fat.
In a weird place.
After losing some weight, my ACTUAL girls have gone south for the winter.
Like, Equator south.
Like, let's vacation in Bahamas.

Since I don't want to ruin whether I get surgery or not...
Let me say this.
I still have that excess fat.
In the exact same spot.
And it's just as awkward looking.

I embrace it now.
It's my body.
You know.
Underboobs and all.
I matter.

(Any of my fellow Matterers that struggle with psoriasis?  Check out my episode to watch that transformation as well.)
#Underboob, let's make it a thing. :)


  1. Be proud of your underboob! Miley is making it popular :)

    You are such a ray of light. Your smiled reminds me so much of Andi from the blog Can You Stay for Dinner?

    I loved watching your story. You are just as fantabulous on your blog as your were on your show.

    Besos y abrazos. --Kim

    1. Kim! I can learn to embrace the underboob! :) Thanks for the kind words AND the comparison to Miss Andi. I'm a BIG Can You Stay For Dinner? Fan! And any comparison is like - wait, what? Seriously? Love. Andi and I are both UMASS Amherst Grads, Both Communication Majors, Both from Massachusetts, and met one time I'm sure she doesn't remember right before she left for her life changing adventure in Italy. Needless to say, in my mind, she remembers me when I worked for Teach For America :). Thanks for stopping by We Matter and reminding ME, I do. :) You DO TOO!


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