Month of Love #5 – Auntie Bea

July is my episode month.
July 9th, in fact.
And I am excited.
And I didn't get here alone.
And so, it seems only fitting, that a few of these posts have to do with the many people who played a significant role in helping me to learn, I MATTER.
And don’t get me wrong – that list is LONG.
TOO long for this blog.

However, there a few that, especially this year, this year of Extreme have really shown me that not only do I love them, but also they, in turn, love me.

Auntie Bea.
Where on earth do I begin.
This woman is amazing.
When I think of her, I think about what the bible says about being the Salt of the Earth.
She's some pretty amazing salt.

She's a works in the emergency Labor and Delivery unit over at Duke University.
Lives in North Carolina.
Is Phillapino.
Is amazing.

She's like a crazy surrogate mom.
I'm glad she's my aunt and even more happy she's a nurse.
Post surgery, skin removal that is, you stay at a hotel and need someone to take care of you.

As I may have not made perfectly clear - my adoptive mother - not the calmest person in the word.
In fact, I'm glad I'm in therapy for my anxiety, because I have no doubt it's her continued untreated anxiety that became a huge stumbling block in our relationship.

Anyways, not the point.  
When thinking about who you want to help take care of you - do you choose crazy anxiety ridden parent or crazy fun nurse Aunt.

I implore you to choose the latter.
Besides being my Aunt and a nurse, Aunt Bea is one of the funniest people alive.

I'm not even exaggerating.
She's hysterical.

She mixes up her pronouns, which confuses the heck out of others.
She's petite but packs a good punch.

We share a love of seaweed.
And rice.
Lots of rice. :)

She was taking care of me - and still managed to get out and have fun.
She went to a Lakers game.
She met up with family.
She avoided the sun.
Every family should be blessed with an Aunt Bea.
For comic relief and endless belief.
I love this lady.

Oh - and how could I forget to mention.
She's the family photographer.
A million photos.
No.  More.
Here's just a sampling from a few hours in LA :).


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