Month of Love Introduction #1 - Jen

July is my episode month.
July 9th, in fact.
And I am excited.
And I didn't get here alone.
And so, it seems only fitting, that a few of these posts have to do with the many people who played a significant role in helping me to learn, I MATTER.
And don’t get me wrong – that list is LONG.
TOO long for this blog.

However, there a few that, especially this year, this year of Extreme have really shown me that not only do I love them, but also they, in turn, love me.
A lot.
A lot, a lot.

People that really stepped out.
Showed up.
Sent pictures.
Spent time.

Some were new friends, ones that I never anticipated.
Some were old friends, ones that I’d held comfortably in my court.
Some were dear friends, ones that had always been there and continued to be.
Some were family, who were always close, and became closer.

This post is dedicated to my biological sister, Jen.

I’m 100% sure there isn't a word in the English Language to explain our relationship or how much I love and adore her.

She is my sanity in an insane world.

She is my heart.

She is the someone I didn't know I needed, but when we found each other I decided, she was the thing I had been missing.

Beautiful doesn't begin to describe her.

Our relationship over this last year, this year of Extreme, has brought us closer than I could ever imagine.

I think one of the gifts she gave me this year was the reminder that being open and ridiculous is nothing you have to apologize for.

What I appreciate most of all is her ability to NOT have to fill every silence with conversation.

I was raised SO differently.  My adoptive mother, Lin fills EVERY second of the day with chatter.  I mean every second.  So much that most times, it’s hard to breathe around her. 

Understatement of the year.

Jen and I can be inside our living room and make each other laugh for hours and then just sit quietly enjoying a show, reading, cooking, or just in our space.

Quiet friendships are important.

Not to go unmentioned is the fact that we just met a few years ago.  She was adopted by another family and grew up in NJ, while I grew up in MA.  She grew up with a Mom and Dad and I grew up with a Mom and her partner.

We were only children in our adoptive lives, but now…

WE ARE FAMILY.  And I love her more than the English language will allow me to describe.

Countless times this year I've mentioned that each of us is on our own weight loss journey, and Jen’s on her own, too.  I am without word to explain how grateful I am that she was willing to support me on mine.

She truly is the definition of beauty and remarkableness.
And she helped me realize that so I am.

And so are you.
My fellow matters, aren't we all?


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