Month of Love #2 - Team Jachel

July is my episode month.
July 9th, in fact.
And I am excited.
And I didn't get here alone.
And so, it seems only fitting, that a few of these posts have to do with the many people who played a significant role in helping me to learn, I MATTER.
And don’t get me wrong – that list is LONG.
TOO long for this blog.

However, there a few that, especially this year, this year of Extreme have really shown me that not only do I love them, but also they, in turn, love me.

The Cornelliers.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.
Am right?
Or am I right?

There are times when I’ve found myself in situations and wondered why something happened or why it happened now or here.

And then, retrospectively, and sort of all at once, I realize there was always a reason.

For example.

This one time, I was trapped in the Charles De Gaulle airport for 10 days. 
Slept there.
And I met the most amazing man.
An Aussie.
Recovering from demons
And myself, trying to figure out who I was.
We kept one another safe.
And when I hugged him goodbye, I knew he was placed in my life for a reason.
Glenn is now recovered and living an Author’s life in his homeland.

And we often credit our friendship on those 10 days.
We changed each other’s lives.

Enter: Jason and Rachel.
Per my self-doubt I was pretty sure Jason hated me from the get.
And Rachel. 
Well, you know, the popular girls, they never like me.

We just happened to be seated next to one another.
Right behind.

And I wanted so badly to fit in somewhere.
At that point in my life, ANYWHERE.

The first night I called my sister and said I didn’t belong here.
No one liked me.
And I wasn’t what they were looking for.
She begged me to reconsider.
And I promised to give it a day.
And after that day – I had a friend in Rachel.

And I wish I could explain to you the kindness you find in her.
Because it’s a humble kindness.
It’s a real kindness.
She cares for others in a way I didn’t think people did anymore.
But she does.
And she’s open.
And she’s an incredible listener.
And she’s a “cool kid”.
And she’s REALLY terrible at keeping secrets J.
And her accent is the B.  E.  S.  T.  BEST!
And I thank the higher powers for seating us together.
And for everything she’s brought to my life.

And then, there is Jason.
Who, most of the time, I’m pretty convinced thinks I’m ridiculous and annoying.
Which on most days is pretty accurate.
I think the world of him.
Besides Chris, he’s my married man crush. (Sorry, Rachel, is that inappropriate?)
Before looks, and education, I deeply value a sense of humor in a man.
And Jason’s sarcastic side is HI-LARIOUS!
Die laughing hilarious.

We lived in the Arizona house together for a few days.
And played spoons.
And gossiped hilariously.
And he makes a Turkey Loaf like nobody’s business.
And he’s an INCREDIBLE dad.
And smarter than most people I know.
Smart and savvy.
Kind of man I'd love to find for myself.
And I’m grateful that both of these human beings were brought to my life.

And lifted me up a little.
And Rachel constantly reminds me I matter.
Even if everywhere else in the world, I’m feeling pretty sure I don’t.
And Jason – oh Jason – treats me exactly how I deserve to be treated in the real world.

I am so grateful that these fellow Matterers mattered their way into my world.

Catch up with the Cornellier's at the Family Blog :
I read it every day.
Religious like :)


  1. I saw your show last night. You are a beautiful and courageous woman. You are right about how things happen for a reason, that people come into our lives for a reason. I'm so glad that Chris came into yours when you needed someone there the most. As for Rachel and Jason, well, what can I say. They are two terrific people. I'm glad you got to meet and got to know them as well. I've worked with Rachel, rarely see her anymore, but always feel like she is a good friend, a wonderful person. I'm glad she and Jason came into your life, too. All the best to you as you continue on this journey we call life.

    1. Thanks Jo! Such kind words. Glad to know Jason and Rachel continue to bless lives :)


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