Most Asked Questions #1

A break from the Month of Love?!
Breathe, matterers, we'll resume with the love fest tomorrow.

Today, I need to answer the third most asked question.
Because I'm getting tired of saying it's coming.

I have no doubt that once this is posted, 100 new questions will arise.
Do me a favor?
Sleep on them.
Ha :).

Sleep on them, please, and if they are still there in my morning, ask.
And I will do my very, very best to answer.
As many as I can.
But things I will not answer are:
"I'm allergic what can I?"
"I really don't what should I?"
"I only eat...on Tuesdays...sooo...what should I?
"I hate following plans/rules/ etc, so what should I?
"I only eat salad on Sundays."
"I hate grocery shopping, so..."
"I hate reading....soo....."

I am NOT a coach, nor a nutritionist, nor a dietician.
I am NOT telling you you should follow this plan perfectly.
Or at all.
Or some.
I'm posting it.

If you want to follow it, cool.
If not, cool, too.
If a little, awesomest.

You do you.

Now, that being said, some general questions that will come up:
How many calories is this?
Do the math.

Why is Monday Missing?
Monday is Reset day for me, I usually followed one of the days and had FroYo as reward.

Did you use MyFitnessPal?

Why not?  I love it!
AMAZEBALLS for you, however, I had my trusty PDF.
Followed it religiously and was happy with that.

What is MyFitnessPal?  Should I use it?
It's a virtual food log.
I don't know, do you want to?
If you want to, you should.

This is awesome, but what are you doing now?
This, exactly this.
And this probably for the rest of my life.
DIET, comes from the Greek, meaning lifestyle.
I've made a LIFESTYLE change to the way I live.

What about veggies and salads?
Ate them all the time.
Eat them all the time.
I don't personally factor salad into my calories.
Just the dressing.
When I used it.

This gets boring!  I get bored so easily!!!! UGGH!!!!
Well, sorry to hear that.
I didn't realize there was something so exciting about packaged sodium and sugar.
I can't help you not be bored.
Or care about the food you're putting in your body.
I can only share what I do.

You know, do me, essentially.

I love you matterers.
Thanks for asking :).


  1. Thank you for sharing, Jami! I have loved reading about your journey and have found myself relating to your story more often than not. I do have a couple of questions, but understand if you don't have time to answer them. I can't imagine all of the e-mails and comments you must be getting! Busy lady, I'm sure!

    First question...I noticed a lot of bananas and apples in your meal plan. Any reason to exclude other fruits?

    Second question...Whey protein. Where do you start? Is there something specific you're looking for? I've been using Aria which is 50/50...whey and soy. I went for it because it said is was "Women's Protein" and I honestly was so confused by all of the other options!

    Thank you for your continuous encouragement to keep going!


    1. Great questions, Jenn.

      As far as other fruits, I don't do a ton of fruits, all citrus is off limits due to Psoriasis. Pears, Apples, Peaches, Nectarines, berries, etc. All make it into the rotation at some point. 1 cup of fresh blueberries is my ultimate fave.

      Here are all the powders I us - - with #4 being my all time fav. The most natural one I can find.

      Thanks for asking!


  2. I noticed one of your meals was Whey protein, almond milk, banana, and spinach. That's a shake, right? Do you use fresh spinach?

    1. Is a shake, and I used fresh spinach that I freeze, buy a big bag from a local farm. Then add 4 cups of fresh/frozen spinach to make an icy delicious shake :0).

  3. Love the sassinest! Rock on Jami!
    I never knew that fruits weren't good for psoriasis peeps. Good info. :)
    Thanks for all you do and EVERY blog! Diane

  4. Love this post! Go Jami! :) Keep on shining!

  5. Hi Jami - have found real inspiration in reading and watching your story. I have Chris's book filled with sticky notes :) Love the meal plan posted just wondering what day's are your low carb / high carb days.


    1. I did not carb cycle, really at all, I never had to. Just eating this cleaner way garnered 4-7pounds of weight loss a week. If I had started to plateau, I may have cycled between high and low, but otherwise, I didn't really need to.

  6. Jami you are such an amazing woman!!! I love that fact that you are from Massachusetts (We have to stick together) and your confidence just SHINES through!!!

    I printed this plan and plan on re-kicking my butt back into gear! I have lost 25lbs since January and need to keep going and MOVING!!! So glad to be able to check into your site and connect!!


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