On Doctors

Saturdays are our VLOG days.
Sundays are Soul Filling.
And Mondays, we're right back at it in writing.
Last day in Boston
Then home tomorrow.
To start rehearsals for Les Miserables.


  1. My littlest daughter is 2 and a half and when I saw your episode I probably just fell in love with you because of how much you remind me of my girl... when I saw your pictures when you were little I just wished I could've traveled in time and adopt you myself... or even if just be there to give you a hug and also talk to you in Spanish :) So you wouldn't miss your original language... I can see why you'd struggle with loving yourself, I guess we all do in some way, then add to that the things you've gone through... it must be so hard... But you're doing a great job and I am very happy for you and I am happy for every one of your accomplishments! You're definitely one strong girl! Great V-LOG... very interesting info about the surgeries (I think I'll need it all when I reach my weight-loss goals! LOL! I hope I will be able to afford it then). HUGS.

  2. Another great V-LOG. I'm just over a year post op skin removal and my belly button is still numb. ;) At my surgery, they removed 12 pounds of skin! ;) As far as cost.....It's expensive but sooooooo worth it! I call my body my new 'USED' car that I need. LOL
    Thank you for the time you put into this site and facebook. I love your honesty and candidness. You're awesome!

  3. You are JAMAZING!!!!! I LOVE how real you are and you don't hide the bad stuff. Thanks for being you!! Love ya!!



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