On Psoriasis (VLOG)

Don't we normally take weekends off?

Will there still be Soul Full Sunday tomorrow?

I have a question about your psoriasis.
Funny you should ask :)


  1. Thanks for Posting... you have great courage ..I think you hit on it when you said we are made this way God createddus in our own special ways and we should embrace who we are .. Thanks again !!

  2. Hi Jami! Thank you so much for being such an inspiration! I loved your participation in the Extreme Weight Loss TV show... I am trying to lose weight as well... I lost 45 pounds over a year ago but then got stuck... and I haven't been able to lose more... (I lose a little/gain a little and keep recycling the same 4 pounds over and over!!!) but I am not giving up! For a whole year I've continued to eat right and exercise! I feel healthier just my body and scale refuses to show it! It has to do with thyroid and I know my share about Autoimmune problems because I was diagnosed with RA when I was 24 but now... well... it seems it might actually be Lupus... so who knows! I just know I am not quitting! My dad has psoriasis (really, really bad) and the suffering of those around a person with psoriasis is big as well... when you have a loved one who has this... you wish you could do something to help them! You wish you could give them peace... or love... or good autoimmune system! but you can't! My dad is a baker... so it even affected his job... He can't bake anymore... who wants to buy stuff from someone whose hands are filled with "that"? And oh how I love those hands! I wish people understood about psoriasis better... I don't want to overwhelm you with my family's medical history... LOL! I just want you to know why your story means so much! I made a list with the foods you talk about and I shared it with my dad... My parents are Mexican, I now live in USA because I got married with my gringo... so when I saw your mom in the episode I was speaking Spanish along with her... crying and just understanding the expressions of love you must have been needing growing up... I have two girls... I love them... and sometimes I consider adoption but I know I'd have to adopt a Hispanic baby... because I know that I need someone to be able to be my mushy self... someone who needs all that affection... someone who can see me and identify him/herself... anyway... lots of ranting here... I have a blog! I don't share my real name there, I just sign everything as "The Thin Lady Inside" but hopefully you'll stop by and see my "Before/Now Pics" ... it would mean a lot! Lots of Hugs! My deepest respect! Go Jami! GO!

    1. Getting rid of Gluten and Dairy was a game changer. Peppers and tomatos too...Mexican and Bakers?! Might be hard to cut some of these things out!? LOL!

  3. Hi Jami-

    I am not sure if this is where you wanted my to post about my psoriasis regimen but here it goes! Also, thanks for letting me post it!! I saw your episode and I was so inspired by you and at the same time I noticed your skin condition and immediately thought of how I could help you! The reason I got to the place I am now is because I enjoy changing lives through skin. I have a regimen that works great for all types of psoriasis, eczema, sensitive skin issues and the list goes on. Its a cream based regimen and I wanted to help you as I have helped others and I understand you already have a regimen that works for you but wanted to share mine as well in case someone else might need help with their skin and have tried everything to no avail. This is literally just something I wanted to put up in case anyone decides that they might want to explore this more! Again, you are such an inspiration and if I can help people be happier as well in combination to their journey of weight loss....that is all I can ask for. The regimen is available to anyone interested and you can contact me. joinererin@yahoo.com


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