Something B.I.G. is coming...

This weekend is going to be a little crazy.
And I don't have a ton of time to update today.

But I wanted to let you know, you matterers, SOMETHING B.I.G. is on it's way.
And I can't wait.

I'm finishing up moving out of Chicopee and into my new (allbeit temporary) space in Westfield.
When Les Mis wraps - who knows where the roads may take me.

It's all very exciting.
Besides the move,
The Labor Day Holiday,
Mufflers falling and fixing,
and General Life

I'm planning something BIG.
AND have some great giveaways to talk about next week.


And I'm really REALLY hoping to VLOG tomorrow.
So check back and see if I make it to the camera. :)

You matter, my friends.


Last night, while driving alone on interstate 90, after a Les Miserables Rehearsal, the thundering and scary sound of my muffler hitting the pavement and then being dragged behind me boomed in my ears.

Just great.
I muttered to myself.
As I pulled over in the dark night, to assess if what I heard was actually my muffler.
And if in fact it was, if it was still attached to my car.

Cassandra Love

No Work Out Wednesday?!

Partly because yesterday I did 10X10 Back squats @ 50%.
And then the Matterers and I did 112 squats during Cassandra's episode.

(Also - 100,000 visitors to We Matter?!  Some special giveaways coming up!)

Push. Don't Push.

I have some of the most amazing friends.
In the entire Universe.

And I will argue that.
Till I die.

In fact.
In my darkest times.

Even when none of my friends knew or know that they are my darkest times.
They've kept me afloat.

They've checked in.
Dialed me up.

Brought me back.
And some of the best of these come from my Epic Church family, my Life Group.

Last weekend, we all got together to celebrate Jess and Jason's Wedding just outside of Boston.
(Such a fun wedding!)
And even more amazing coupling and example of God's love and plan for us all.

Falling Apart

I can't remember now, if I already blogged this.
I had an amazing weekend with some even more amazing friends.
And I'll blog about that tomorrow.

Today, I'm reminded of how far I've come.
I mean, really come, in just the last few months.
This was written in pain.
In April.
Of this year.

And healing and grace have abounded since.
But writing is part of my healing.
Sharing is the other part.
Felt it?

EVD - thanks for asking.
But my answer to you this weekend, was strong and true.
I'm in a good space.
And I keep moving forward.

Sometimes I just sit on the floor surrounded by the broken pieces of my life. 
And I wonder how they got so broken, how come everything can look so shattered.
So tiny and insignificant.
And how in their shattered smallness, I feel so broken.
Like small pieces from a mirror I stopped looking in a long time ago.
And just "my story" holding me together.
Told so many times it's not even close to being real.
And I wonder how I got so broken.
And why I don't give myself enough credit.
And why everyone else can see it and I can't.

And does wondering all of that make me crazy?
Sometimes, I just sit on the floor surrounded by the broken pieces of me.
And I wonder how I LET myself get here.
And in that deep moment of regret or sadness or whatever that emotion is that I'm not supposed to feel - I receive the smallest bit of grace.
And it is someone I didn't expect it from.
And somewhere I didn't expect it from.
And it washes over me.
And in a calm, non racing thought kind of way, I glimpse how my life will be.
A self love.
Pieces glued back together.
And I allow myself to believe the bullshit.
"My story".
And it is in that grace that I also realize, this isn't my tomorrow.
Tomorrow looks like shattered glass.
And the day after that too.
But I can see, reflected in her grace, that it won't always.

Soul Full Sunday!

(We Matter takes the weekends off.  Whoo Hoo!  Party!  
Sunday, look for a little snippet of Soul Filling.
Then we'll see you back here bright and early, Monday Morn.)

(And, my episode of Extreme Weight Loss Aired TUESDAY NIGHT, JULY, 9th, 2013 @ 8|7c on ABC. Missed it?  -----------> Click the You Tube Link in the Side Bar!)

On Motivation. {V-Log}

Hi Matterers!

This week, we tackle the dreaded question of:
How do you stay motivated?

Even on the tough days.
I'm here in Devens, Massachusetts celebrating the wedding of Dr. and Mr Jason Joseph.

Such a great day!

EVD and Sarah Brown are weighing in too.

Love their thoughts.
Love them more!

La Tortuga

Written a few weeks after Finals week and weeks before I was chosen for the show.
Are you a runner?

Most Asked Question: Funny Question!

I've been done with the show since April 6th.
And the beginning of that year, last May, is a BLUR.

But I don't think about the first 90 days very often.
You do, matterers, you do.
You've emailed, a lot.

And had a lot of great questions.
But this one, always makes me laugh.

"Did you get a makeover?  Or because you moved in with your mom, they didn't give you one?"
First, I didn't move in with my mom, but good question.

I moved in with my sister.
To her beautiful apartment.

There are a lot of reasons for the pictures you're about to see.
But the root of these pictures is this:

W.O.Wednesday! #4 and Incredible Moms

Hi Matterers!
Did you check in over at
I had the wonderful honor of guest posting there yesterday, here's the article on People Pleasing.

Today is another Work Out Wednesday - you can find the other Work Outs under the Work Out Tab.

You can pin it.
Share it.
Tweet it.
You can do it.
Every Day this week.

Tabatas are a lot of fun.
They are fast, but a lot work in a compact work out time.
I've been 5king every day - but away from Crossfit for the last week.

Can't wait to get back to it today. :)

I also needed to shout out Rachel Cornellier.
Who spent last night girl gabbing with me until my phone died.
We're those kinda friends.

And I admitted something to her last night that I needed everyone to know.
She is the most amazing mother, I have ever known.
And no, I don't mean to me.
I mean to her beautiful children.
I mean, c'mon.  
SO cute.

I just got home from visiting the Powell Pack and Heidi is sure one fierce Mama.
I enjoy watching her parent too - and the way her children respect and admire her.

And IF someday, I become a parent - I hope I'm an amalgamation of all my great mama friends.
But, especially.


Because her style is effortless.
Jason, Rach, and I were all in LA for our surgeries together. (Rach decided she should be recovered in 4 days...and WAS!)

But the kids came too.
And watching them love on her.
Was probably the SWEETEST thing since sliced bread.

I adored listening to them call her Momma.
And ask her questions.
And even when she was recovering THEY were her priority - ALWAYS.

I think that's the kind of parenting that is selfless - AND still self full - Rach takes time for herself - but her family always comes first.

It's mesmerizing to watch.
And as much as I have a couple crush on Jason and Rach, I'm pretty sure it's a family crush.

Being a parent and being self full isn't always easy, but you wouldn't know that by watching Jason and Rachel do their thing.

I'm really blessed to call Rachel a friend.
And excited to help you support them in their new endeavor: Rhea Lana

That being stated.
It's also a really special lady's birthday.

Mrs. Jacqui McCoy.
Love you lots.
And I hope your birthday is a fabulous as I think you are! :)
And watch out Rach, because when Jacqui becomes a mom, you, Heidi, and Jacqui will be in a 3-way tie for some of my favs!

Integrity and Openness

I had a lot of ideas of what I wanted to write about Today, specifically.
But with the passing of Jett Jackson star, Lee Thompson Young, I'm compelled in a different way.

Before moving into this conversation, I do need, for my own integrity to say this:

My Colorado Adventure

And Forever Friends.
I am truly grateful.
For this weekend.
For friends.
And for trainers and physical therapists like Heidi, CP, and Richard.

Soul Full Sunday!

(We Matter takes the weekends off.  Whoo Hoo!  Party!  
Sunday, look for a little snippet of Soul Filling.
Then we'll see you back here bright and early, Monday Morn.)

(And, my episode of Extreme Weight Loss Aired TUESDAY NIGHT, JULY, 9th, 2013 @ 8|7c on ABC. Missed it?  Head over to

On Injury {VLog}

I'm back peddling a bit,
It's Monday, but I'm posting this as Saturday.

When really, on Saturday, Heidi, Chris, Richard, and I headed to Copper Mountain to WARRIOR DASH!

So fun!

But I did manage to VLog from the Powell Pack home...on INJURY.

Going to get caught up today.


Happy Birthdays and Therapy Thursdays


First and FOREMOST.

I wish I was home for a Birthday WOD, but you know I love you even from my travels.  Thanks for blessing the world with your energy and intelligence, passion, and dedication – YOU ROCK!  And I hope your birthday does too!

WOW Wednesday #3

Good Morning Mattterers!

Thank you for a great live chat last night!

When Bob's episode airs, we have a some great photos from Halloween at the Epstein's house.
Here I am dressed as one of my all time favorite producers, Ashley.

Remember, I'm away next week, so we'll live chat again in two weeks.
I leave for my adventure Tomorrow Morning, and I can not wait to catch up with some old friends!

Today is Work Out Wednesday!
Tomorrow we'll announce our Gift Away winner.

Yesterday, I had another amazing therapy session.
I'm telling you, surrounded by an incredible group of matterers in my life.

And we'll have an extra special VLog on Saturday.

For now, here's the work out for the week.
Get moving matterers, you are TOTALLY worth it.

So - Am I.

Pin it.
Do it.
Modify it.
Do it again.
Post about it.
Tweet it.

You know, do it up :)

3 Minutes

I am the perennial people pleaser.
I obtained my joy from making others happy.
Even if what I was doing was at a sacrifice to my own happiness.

I watched this for the first time in 2012.
Now I watch it as a reminder.

That we can give to others.
We can please others.
By taking better care of ourselves.

Fill your cup.
Don't keep emptying it.

And expecting to have enough for yourself.
In therapy, I said I had an image of myself inside the cup.

Trying to jump up and see the light.
But I couldn't because I wanted to let everyone else be okay.

So I didn't fill my cup.
And then slowly, throughout this year on extreme, I started to fill my cup.

With truth.
And integrity.
And love.
And friendship.
And laughter.
And running.
And health.
And humor.
And song.
And lots of God.

And all of a sudden:
My cup was overflowing again.
What a feeeling.

When you have the time, and the interest.
Watch this:

And....did you enter the Gift Away?  Two more days to enter :)

You is important.


Have you ever seen the movie The Help?

You is kind.
You is smart.
You is important.

Soul Full Sunday

(We Matter takes the weekends off.  Whoo Hoo!  Party!  
Sunday, look for a little snippet of Soul Filling.
Then we'll see you back here bright and early, Monday Morn.)

Did you remember to enter the gift away from yesterday?!
Check yesterdays post!
(And, my episode of Extreme Weight Loss Aired TUESDAY NIGHT, JULY, 9th, 2013 @ 8|7c on ABC)

On Gifts.

Don't you normally VLOG on Saturday?


I do.

But today.
For one Saturday only.

(Okay, eventually more.)

I'm doing a giveaway Saturday.

Enter to win the only scale you'll ever really need: a digital food scale.
Winner gets one delivered to their door.

You can enter every day until Thursday (because I'm traveling somewhere fun on Thursday!)
Happy entering friends! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Photo.

Rachel Cornellier (of Our Family Balance) is an incredible Photographer.
I mean.

If I didn't feel ridiculous sharing copious amounts of photos of her kids, I would.
Because she takes incredible photos.

And I think about these beautiful kids.
Sam and Sabrina.
Who will grow up with great images captured of their childhood.
And awesome memories too.

For me.
Looking at photographs of myself is...

Chile #3: Favorite Producer Day! (Valparaiso, Chile)

When we left the review of Chile, I was dying in a downtown Santiago hotel room.

Literally dying.
I bought so much antibiotic that night, it's no wonder I didn't stop breathing.

Cold/Flu/Pneumonia, whatever you want to call chills, coughing up blood, coughing so much you throw up?  I don't know what I was fighting, but I was a capital M, Mess.

One of my favorite producers, Lauren, invited me to join her for a day in Valparaiso.
After a beautiful drive to the coast, we entered a beautiful city.

Work Out Wednesday!

Hi Matterers!
It's Wednesday.
Here's your next work out.

Remember, you can do it once.
You can do it every day.
You can ask questions.
You can change it to work for you.

If you do it - post about it.
Pin it.
Share it.

You should also visit Mrs. Heidi Powell's page.
She shared one of my FAVORITE recipes.

The "C" Word

Today is a Therapy Tuesday.
A much needed Welcome Back from Boston Therapy Tuesday.

Dr. Jill Rubin and I are probably therapying it up while you read this.

Which is truly divine, since I'm bringing a less happy, more cathartic piece of writing to Therapy today.
Titled, Broken Pieces.
We'll share that later this year.

Here's to making progress even at the beginning of this journey.
A lot of you wanted to know if I really did 1/2 marathon every week.
And the truth of it is - yes, I did.
Slowly at first.

But yes, I did.

Written April 19th, 2012:

Today, I ran. At times, like a slow wind. I ran a 8.16 minute mile. Mile two. In all honesty, the next mile was 20 minutes, but that's because I had to have a good cry over the 8.16 minute mile.

Chile #2: Filming Day Meeting My Mom (Santiago, Chile)

(Want to see Algorrobo and the San Alfonso Del Mar? Click Here!)

Even though I’d be staying in Algorrobo for a few more nights, we headed back into the city for the exciting day to meet my biological mom and her daughter (my gorgeous half sister Jazmin)

We filmed a lot of driving shots and it was then I realized I was really sick.
If you read Friday’s post you’ll remember that swim was FREEZING.


That early morning, I had begun feeling like I had a head ache and stomach ache.
Before the day with my mom was finished, I added chills, shakes, and penultimate, coughing and throwing up blood.

Yea, it was pretty not fun.

Especially when I was nervous enough.

The park that Lauren and Matt, my producers, had chosen, I loved.
It was perfect.
And beautiful.

And the city of Santiago is gorgeous.



This was the city I saw :

Soul Full Sunday

After all, what are you AFRAID of?
(We Matter takes the weekends off.  Whoo Hoo!  Party!  
Sunday, look for a little snippet of Soul Filling.
Then we'll see you back here bright and early, Monday Morn.)

(And, my episode of Extreme Weight Loss Aired TUESDAY NIGHT, JULY, 9th, 2013 @ 8|7c on ABC. Missed it?  Head over to

On Crossfit

Saturdays are our VLOG days.
Sundays are Soul Filling.
And Mondays, we're right back at it in writing.

Les Miserables rehearsals have started.
Come see the show:

Chile Part#1 - Algorrobo

I’m excited to share some of my thoughts on my beautiful homeland.
And a little truth of the drama that is Television.
And Production.
And my amazing Executive Producer.

August First

Well, hello there month of August.

Following on the the heels of a wonderful July, we enter into another month.

This month you'll meet Alyssa, Cassandra, Mike, Bob, and Ashley.
You'll fall in love with each of them.