3 Minutes

I am the perennial people pleaser.
I obtained my joy from making others happy.
Even if what I was doing was at a sacrifice to my own happiness.

I watched this for the first time in 2012.
Now I watch it as a reminder.

That we can give to others.
We can please others.
By taking better care of ourselves.

Fill your cup.
Don't keep emptying it.

And expecting to have enough for yourself.
In therapy, I said I had an image of myself inside the cup.

Trying to jump up and see the light.
But I couldn't because I wanted to let everyone else be okay.

So I didn't fill my cup.
And then slowly, throughout this year on extreme, I started to fill my cup.

With truth.
And integrity.
And love.
And friendship.
And laughter.
And running.
And health.
And humor.
And song.
And lots of God.

And all of a sudden:
My cup was overflowing again.
What a feeeling.

When you have the time, and the interest.
Watch this:

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