August First

Well, hello there month of August.

Following on the the heels of a wonderful July, we enter into another month.

This month you'll meet Alyssa, Cassandra, Mike, Bob, and Ashley.
You'll fall in love with each of them.

We'll Celebrate Jacqui Hart McCoy's birthday - AND - even hear direct from her on a guest post.
We'll attend Jessie and Jason's Wedding later this month.

And I have some pretty awesome travel plans in the middle of the month.
Think West Coast.
And trees.
And lots of hugs.

More on that later.

I would like to assure you that if you're interested, and you don't have to be interested, but if you are interested, tickets are going fast for specific days to see Les Miserables (with a familiar face as Eponine).

You can get your tickets here.

Some of you already have front row!
You guys rock.
And if you're driving from Long Island or Delaware.
Flying from Texas or Florida.
Or traveling all the way from the West Coast.

Let me know the dets. of your travel.
So we can get together.
And we can stay up late and gossip (okay, that last one is really only for my sister and Jacqui.)
But, you get the gist.

But seriously, come, enjoy the show.
Support Exit 7.

We had our first sing through of the entire show.
I survived ACT 1, but was positively TERRIFIED about ACT 2.

Where I sing.
And sing.
And die. (As Paragon said - Spoiler Alert.  HAHA!  Wonder Woman, make sure you get him tickets and force him to sit through this show at least once.)

And I shook through the entire sing through, visibly shook.
And grasped my mechanical pencil so tight, it broke.

But we made it.
And our cast family is so supportive.
I can tell you - the show will be amazeballs.

Some other big life changes are happening.
That involve movers.
But we'll talk about that later.

For the month of August, I'm focusing a lot on my mental well being.
But I've also chosen a sit up challenge.

I'll share it with you, since I love that there is a beginning, intermediate, and a hard.
Pushing myself to do the hard.

Matterers, pick one, and stick to it.
Start small.
And build.
Thanks for this month's challenge!
And before I go.
Every Wednesday, you can anticipate a work out.
Since it's Thursday, and we missed Wednesday, I've posted our first one.

You have a week to try it.
Modify it.
Do it again.
Do it with a partner.
Pin it!
You have a week to complain about it.
Chat about how hard it is.
Next week, we'll post a new one.

Get moving.
Quit complaining.
Stop with the excuses.
And the "time" whining.
Set a timer on the stove.
Set a time on the microwave.
Or your phone.

I used NAIL POLISH bottles as my tokens.
MODIFY, please.
If you have to push up on a table or on your knees.
Do it.
Barrel Twists, simple movement:
In what looks like first position from Ballet, hold your core tight and twist to the left, twist to the right.
That's one.
Sort of like, one and, two and.

And squat as low as you can.
Use the wall to wall squat if you need.
Or a chair.
Listen to this guy: How to do a Proper Squat

Will you be sore?

But remember matterers, sore is you body's thank you.
It can't talk.
But it's so appreciative to be moving.

And sore is it's friendly way of saying, hey, thanks for taking care of me.
You rock.

Mobility can also be done before and after, but should certainly be done.
Arm Windmills: Arms out to the sides starting with small circles and growing into larger ones.
Paleo Chair: Down into a deep squat, heels on the ground and holding.  I still have to hold onto something to do Paleo Chair properly.


  1. I did your workout tonight. I made a substitutions with the twists. I know nothing about ballet moves. It looked like an ab exercise so I substituted 15 bicycle crunches. I did 14 rounds in 20 minutes.

    1. I love substitutions! Make it the work out WORK for YOU! :) 14 rounds! That's amazing! Great work!!!

  2. Ok Jami,
    I am up for the above program. (except for the sit ups due to a hernia) Started tonight. Ok, about the Paleo Chair, how long did it take before you could do it? there is no way I can do it at my current weight and if I could, there is no one around to call for help to get me out of that position :) Thank you so much for your encouragement!

    1. Way to go! Do as much as you can - where you are. Moving at all when injured is better than nothing. Paleo chair is something I'M STILL WORKING ON :) HA! So thanks for asking. I have to hold on to a wall jam (or door opening) to stay in the squat. In the beginning I started with 20 second, trying to stay in that position for 20 seconds. And added each day. Now, I can do 15 minutes, in a meditative state. Such a great question! The more you do the mobility exercises, the better MOBILITY you'll find you have :) Keep up the great work!


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