Chile #2: Filming Day Meeting My Mom (Santiago, Chile)

(Want to see Algorrobo and the San Alfonso Del Mar? Click Here!)

Even though I’d be staying in Algorrobo for a few more nights, we headed back into the city for the exciting day to meet my biological mom and her daughter (my gorgeous half sister Jazmin)

We filmed a lot of driving shots and it was then I realized I was really sick.
If you read Friday’s post you’ll remember that swim was FREEZING.


That early morning, I had begun feeling like I had a head ache and stomach ache.
Before the day with my mom was finished, I added chills, shakes, and penultimate, coughing and throwing up blood.

Yea, it was pretty not fun.

Especially when I was nervous enough.

The park that Lauren and Matt, my producers, had chosen, I loved.
It was perfect.
And beautiful.

And the city of Santiago is gorgeous.



This was the city I saw :

We'll talk about the City you saw in a little bit.

We pulled up to the park.
And waited.
And I took in the beauty of the city.

I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was.
Reminiscent of all my trips to NYC.

It felt familiar and new at all the same time.

And that park.
Oh, whoever scouted that park?!
Such a great choice.
It felt magical.
Made the most magical moment of my life, well, magical. :)

Meeting my mom was captured perfectly.
With as little interference from production as is humanly possible.
And for that moment and all of Chile, I'm forever grateful.

Getting to meet my little sister Jazmin.
And seeing where my family lived was amazing.
And a testament to not only was I given the best life possible.
But more to the effect that you can live greatly on little.

No, later this week - we'll talk about spending two weeks with my mom.
And visiting Valparaiso with Lauren.

So today, I just want to make sure you have an understanding of the beauty that is Santiago.
As my mother and I drove to where we lived when I was born, I was struck by the beautiful murals down every street.

Gorg, right?
I'm telling you, I was enamored.

And then our van turned the corner on the street you see where I grew up.
And my heart sank.
Not for the garbage.
Or the poverty.
All things I new existed.

But, with a B.A. in Communication.
I knew my production team was dying with delight inside.
Because they'd get to portray this impoverished nation as such.

Garbage everywhere.
People eating trash.

And I was sad.
For Chile.
And for TV.

Because you see, that street had just finished a Feria.
Or an open air market.
And to me, looked no different than Boston's Haymarker Square after a busy weekend.

Probably hours before it had looked like this:
And happened on it hours after it had ended.
And the streets were littered with the left over.

I lived in Philly and the street with the open market looked the same on Sunday afternoon.
Are there parts of Chile that are impoverished?

In fact there is a lot of wealth for a few.
And not a lot for many.


It's also a gem.

I just needed you to know.

At the end of the day, we headed here:
San Cristobal.
And we filmed my goodbye.
My fake goodbye.

Because, obviously, I hung out with my family for a little while :)

Thanks Speegs for your jacket as I was dying of pneumonia.

And many thanks to my great crew.
Who made this adventure a lot of fun.

After we wrapped, Lauren and I went to a great dinner, and then I almost died in my Santiago Hotel.
Dang flu.


  1. Oh Jamie! I know where you are coming from! I feel the same way about my Mexico... So many movies portray it so bad... I met my husband online, he lived in Wisconsin, USA while I lived in Mexico... and I remember when we were dating and he decided to make the trip to see me in person for the first time he said: "Is there a bathroom in the room of the hotel where I'll be staying?" Regardless of how beautiful I told him it all was, regardless of the fact that we met ONLINE and not through smoke signals... he still had in his mind all the wrong and/or incomplete information he received through TV/movies growing up... yes, there's poverty, yes, sadly my country is filled with violence right now (but not when we first met, yet) but there's a lot more of the good and the beauty! The culture, the colors, the warmth of the people... So I feel it must be the same way with Chile... I have beautiful Chilean friends and I am always mesmerized with the pictures of the places they go... it's just so similar, the food sooo rich and flavorful, the creativity! The fact that you can do a lot with very little! It's just awesome! Of course I don't have to tell you how surprised he was when he finally visited me... I took him to the city where I was born and he said "wow, this makes Chicago look like nothing!" LOL! He had always told me he hated Mexican food and you should've seen him trying to speak Spanish with the "taquero" asking for "two more of the same but with more salsa" LOL! :) I am glad you are proud of your roots! I am so happy you are showing what things are really like... don't worry... many of us ALREADY knew! ;) Great job! Thanks for sharing! Love it!

  2. Hmmm so in love with your story! I love to read and see the beautiful pictures of Chile! Just to look at those pictures makes me tear! I miss my home land Chile and I love how you recognized yourself in it so quickly and felt in love with what really Chile is.
    Great post! please keep it coming!
    Chilean living in Bristol RI

  3. I sent you a message on Fb about having similar stories. I also wanted to add, how truly beautiful Santiago and Chile is. I have been there so many time and I have this urge to pack my bags and move. I love the different "plazas" and how the parks here dont resemble anything like the ones they have there. I especially love how people take time to sit down and relax. Something the states lacks on. I love "el centro" and how beautiful their downtown is. I love "el mercado" where it smells like fish and restaurant owners offer you free pisco to sit down and eat with them. I love how amazing the empanadas are and how yummy manjar is. Even though I was raised in the US, and born in Chile, my heart will always belong to Chile.


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