Chile Part#1 - Algorrobo

I’m excited to share some of my thoughts on my beautiful homeland.
And a little truth of the drama that is Television.
And Production.
And my amazing Executive Producer.

Today’s post will cover the experience in Algorrobo.
In case I didn’t share with you the night before I left for my adventure in Chile, I lost my passport.

Impeccable timing.

A stop at CVS.
One amazing sister later.
2 hours to Boston.
And the most amazing support on the part of the expedited office (ready at 4pm that day)
I was on a new flight to NYC, stopping in Buenos Aries, and racing, AMAZING race style to the tarmac to catch the last leg to Santiago, Chile.

My bag, unfortunately didn’t make it.
I had packed the important stuff in my other luggage.
Like the suit for my swim.
And the outfit I wanted to wear to meet my mom.

When I arrived in Chile…
I was kind of a mess.
Capital M Mess.

I had to catch up with my crew and what I thought would be Chris and Heidi at the airport.

And then we had to wait.
And wait.
And wait some more for all of the tech stuff and vans to arrive.

We finally all hit the road and an hour later, right on the Chilean coast, I got my first glimpse of Algorrobo.

And boy howdy.
Was I enchanted.
We stayed at the San Alfonzo Del Mar Resort.
And were like the only ones there.
Did you notice that, too?
Legit, we didn’t shut it down.
We didn’t turn people away,
That was legit the number of people staying there.

It was off-season in Chile.
Our winter is their summer, and we were there in early December.
Meaning their summer vacation started 2 weeks after we left.

A lot of the condos are privately owned and people just go when they can.

I will never know why it was so empty.
But it was magical.

It was like my blue lagoon.
Save for the non existent curly haired blonde man.

It was magical.
I checked into my little apartment.
Munched down a cliff bar.
And started contemplating what I knew would be the swim of my lifetime.

The coldest gosh darn swim.
In the history of many kind life.
The pool water, is just Pacific Ocean water.
Pumped in from the ocean.
That's it.
By this point in my year, I was not confident or comfortable wearing a swim suit in public.
But I did love my Large Pink Nike Tankini.
(Which Matt, my Executive Producer, wanted to know if I made up the word, Tankini.) 
Funny guy.

At this point, I have to be honest with you.
I was still waiting for Chris and Heids.

And I believed that in the morning, I’d see them before my challenge.
At the 90 day weigh in, Chris had said he had two round trip tickets.
For he and I to go to Chile.

Not one.
That’s an edit.

And here’s why.
The night I lost my passport, the executive team was dealing with another crisis, while dealing with mine.

Chris was in Peru with another cast member and her husband.
And while there, was bit by a dog.
And had not received his rabies shot.
And boarded a flight back to Arizona immediately.

Story lines are constantly changing and growing throughout the year.
And so my challenge became mine to do solo.

We did film an entire phone call out on the pier where Chris breaks the news.
I didn’t cry while I was on the phone with him.
But I'll admit, I had to walk (1.2 miles) back to my room to change for the swim.
And I lost my cool on the walk back.
Not because I wanted Chris.
I really just wanted someone.
To believe that I could do it.
So I texted my home trainers.

And they sent me the KINDEST message back.
About how they knew I was ready.
They had trained me for this.
And they loved me.
And had no doubt I could do it.

And then.  
Then, I was ready.
I was ready for the swim and the run.

And the kayak drag.
And the kayak.

Oh, you didn’t see that part?

Well, that challenge was actually four legs.

1.2 mile swim.
1.2 mile kayak drag on the beach.
Put kayak in pool.
1.2 mile kayak.
1.2 mile run.

And that’s what I did.
In under 2 hours.
Editing. J

Oh, editing.
The run on the beach sucked.
I have bursitis in both my hips and uneven running is the worst.
I was crawling at the end.

The kayak was worse.
And I LOVE to kayak.
I had to wear a neoprene mic pack.

NBD (No Big Deal).
Except that it ended up right where I needed to push back for support.
So I ended up completely out of balance.
And it looked not only like I couldn’t kayak, but that I was actually struggling.

Either way.
It was an amazing day.
In a tankini.
With the crew.

During my swim, our Camera B guy almost sunk the pontoon boat they were using.

This post got long.
And was totally picture heavy.
Let's finish with dinner on the second night.


  1. WOW! We truly have no idea what really goes on! That's amazing! Well... I admired your strength already and now even more! Poor Chris by the way... getting bit by a dog... so far away from home! :) Great job! Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!


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