La Tortuga

Written a few weeks after Finals week and weeks before I was chosen for the show.
Are you a runner?

Slow, like a turtle?

The story of La Tortuga
It's 5:30am. 

Sirens whirling. 
Thoughts racing. 
The sound of Velcro gripping as I close my Nike air rifts and rise. 
Egg whites fill me up. 

I'm off. 

As my shoes grip the pavement a thought occurs to me: I am running. 
Three weeks ago he asked if I was a runner, so did she. 
I laughed at the thought of every gym teacher who never saw anything in me besides my failures, which I could see without anyone's help. 

No, was my response, 3 weeks ago. 


Yes, I am a runner and that feels pretty great. 

I am slow and run one, walk one doesn't get me anywhere fast. 
My blisters are covered in bandages and padding and tape. 
My skinned and puffy knees from my fall a few days ago make me feel every step. 

But I'm running. 

The tortoise is a runner.


  1. Love this? What are some of your new goals? Are still losing or are u at your goal?

  2. Hi Nicole!
    First, thanks for commenting! :)
    Some of my new goals are coming to fruition!
    I ran a Warrior Dash last weekend.
    And hope to complete a 2nd 1/2 Marathon this October.

    Going back to Grad School to finish my PhD.
    And the biggest one of all - auditioning for a play...and getting a part.
    I'll perform the role of Eponine in Les Miserables this fall!!!

    I lost another 12 pounds post finale, so I spent some time trying to get back up to finale weight.

    I no long weigh in on the scale, because numbers can do some crazy things to my brain.

    Instead: I put on my Bikini from finale one every two weeks.
    If I fit, and still feel good.
    I'm doing great.

    So far.
    So great.
    In fact, that thing is a little loose :)

    1. Jami! Eponine!?!? I just got goose bumps I'm so happy for you! :)Eponine is my husbands favorite character in Les Miserables.

      I just stumbled onto your blog (because I follow Chris on facebook) and I have to say thank you for being who you are and sharing that with the rest of us. So many of us stuggle with self-image issues and everything that goes along with that. Knowing that you came back from the edge (literally) and made yourself into something so successful and then wanted to pay it forward to the rest of us is truly inspiring.

      Thank you again. You rock!

    2. Who DOESN'T love Eponine
      dream role
      and to be 30 and able to perform her on stage!
      I can't wait! :)

      So glad you're here mattering!

      All I can do is type the crazy thinks that roll around in my brain.
      And hope the little inside voice that say, "You're not crazier than the rest of us"
      is right :)


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