Most Asked Question: Funny Question!

I've been done with the show since April 6th.
And the beginning of that year, last May, is a BLUR.

But I don't think about the first 90 days very often.
You do, matterers, you do.
You've emailed, a lot.

And had a lot of great questions.
But this one, always makes me laugh.

"Did you get a makeover?  Or because you moved in with your mom, they didn't give you one?"
First, I didn't move in with my mom, but good question.

I moved in with my sister.
To her beautiful apartment.

There are a lot of reasons for the pictures you're about to see.
But the root of these pictures is this:

No makeover, friends.
And these pictures are what my sister's apartment looked like for the first 90 days.
For real.

Why am I sharing these?
Well, one, to answer your question.

No makeover.
And two: to answer another question.

No work out equipment still equaled 76 pounds lost.
TV can be "glamorous".

But this, this was real life.
And I walked a lot.

And I ran a lot.
And I created sprints in the college parking lot.

And walked stairs.
And swam in our pool.

And about 30 days before the 90 day weigh in, I started crossfit.
And got a gym membership.

And about 7 days before the 90 day weigh in, they came and "made over" my space.
Meaning that equipment got set up.

And a treadmill arrived.
And they painted a pink stripe.

And a pink square.
And we called it a makeover.

But you see, the makeover that really mattered.
Well that had been happening INSIDE of me, not my apartment, all along.

I'm proud (now) of the non-makeover.
Because THAT IS real life.

I don't have very many pictures of my apartment with the pink stripe,
Or the pink square, that my sister and I carefully covered with an affirmation that meant more to me than any color blocking could :). (Curtains and sign from MARSHALLS!)  LOVE ME SOME MARSHALLS!

And here's one of the few photos of my Pink Stripe :).
I hung glitter letters that said BELIEVE and BRAVE to mix it up a bit.

And this photo is from September/October :)

And here's the best picture I have of the pink stripe.
Holding Chris Powell overhead.
(And yes, my BDD is telling me that my arms look like Elephant Arms.)
And the cognitive side of me is saying - not really.
Ahhh, BDD.

I added those frames and quotes to make it a little less PPPPPPIIIINNNNNK and more me :)
Green is my absolute favorite color of all time. :)
To my Landlord and real friends - all has been returned to white.
And I'm hosting a packing party this weekend as I prepare to move out of my Extreme Weight Loss apartment.  It was great living with my sister.
And fun residing in Chicopee.

On to new adventures!


  1. Nice behind the scenes dish - both with the show and with your first 90 day progress and thinking. You are awesome!!

  2. Such a great, funny post! I don't know how people can come up with so many questions! LOL! :) For some reason I haven't been able to come up with any! Am I that dumb? LOL! or is it just that for me... whatever you share... is enough... and more than enough! Because... you're authentic and open... and because your smile and new attitude speaks even without words! great job Miss Jamie! :) You should be proud of yourself! :)

    1. Lots of Questions.
      And I try to answer as many as I can.
      Me-ally. :)
      Thanks for your kind words!

  3. I love the way you communicate to the world. You are so sassy and wonderful... aka JAMAZING :)

    1. Love these kind words!
      I like to think sometimes I wear my sassy-pants!

  4. I'm so happy you shared this. It's so easy for viewers as myself to think it is so easy but I love that you show the "real life" behind it all. You are such an inspiration! I keep remembering what Chris said to you during the marathon, that he's leaving you to finish on your own because it's your journey and no one else can take it but you. It weighs heavy on me because I know I need to make it happen for myself to lose the weight I need to lose and no one else is going to do it for me. I can't wait around for others to come with me to go walking, I need to find something I can do myself. I see that you are following my blog by GFC. I'm so excited!!! :)


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