My Colorado Adventure

And Forever Friends.
I am truly grateful.
For this weekend.
For friends.
And for trainers and physical therapists like Heidi, CP, and Richard.

And for the entire Powell Pack for that matter.

Marley, Matix, and Cash are the absolutely B.  E.  S.  T.

Thanks for welcoming me to the Powell Pad.
For great nights out.
Family time.
Girls WODS.
Introducing me to the Season Four Kids.
Who are legit - HARD CORE.
You're going to LOVE them.
I do.
And thanks for STILL believing in me even when I can't.
Or am having trouble.
Great times.

And Chris.
Thanks for letting me watch you work out.
Seriously ladies, highlight of that day for sure.

And Heidi.
For being my mental twin.
And splitting Kind Bars.
And BodE burn.

And Richard.
For taking a look at my shoulder.
And scribing some exercises to strengthen my back.
You rock.

And the kids.
For including me.
And letting me see your new school!
So fun!

And thanks, of course, to Heidi - for taking pictures.
Since my 1990's flip phone isn't really good at capturing the moments.

Have you ever been to Colorado?
B.  E.  A.  UTIFUL.


  1. We can't wait to have you out to Colorado AGAIN for Latin American Heritage Camp this June!


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