On Gifts.

Don't you normally VLOG on Saturday?


I do.

But today.
For one Saturday only.

(Okay, eventually more.)

I'm doing a giveaway Saturday.

Enter to win the only scale you'll ever really need: a digital food scale.
Winner gets one delivered to their door.

You can enter every day until Thursday (because I'm traveling somewhere fun on Thursday!)
Happy entering friends! :)

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  1. "Get Off The Scale!
    You are beautiful." That's one of my favorite ones.... it's part of a longer one but that's the brief version of it... Have a wonderful day... what a great giveaway!

  2. Quote: "Nothing about their weight or health hinges on what the number on the scale says or what their bodies look like. As a woman, you know it's important to feel good in your body so (tell them) if they ever want support, you'll be there."
    Linda Giles

  3. SOOOO TRUE!!! It is so hard to not focus on scale and the numbers!!!!
    Debbie DePaulis

  4. A new food scale would be great!!! Mine just bit the dust!!! I have lost 20lbs in the last month and the scale was a huge help with my planning. You are a great inspiration Jami!!!

  5. "You are more important than this number!"


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