Work Out Wednesday!

Hi Matterers!
It's Wednesday.
Here's your next work out.

Remember, you can do it once.
You can do it every day.
You can ask questions.
You can change it to work for you.

If you do it - post about it.
Pin it.
Share it.

You should also visit Mrs. Heidi Powell's page.
She shared one of my FAVORITE recipes.
I got to make those cookies for her and Chris after our Suicide Talk Work Out.
And Chantell made the fabulous frosting :).

I love cookies because when I'm working I don't have a ton of time in the morning, I used to micrwave a big cookie, and take it with me to the Gym.

Stick it in a plastic bag and it travels easy.

No excuses.

And Therapy Tuesday was pretty fantastic!

Dr. Jill and I talked about jumping on a 20" box.
And how it's not really a box.

And how my little self, my "little girl needs to be perfect" self, is stuck looking out the window at the way to happiness, not perfection.

And I wonder, as I often do after therapy, how I came to entrap my "little girl self" inside this facade.
That everything is okay.
And fine.
And never had a bad day.
And everything is perfect.

Because I know I don't want to be perfect.
I want to be human.
And strive for health and happiness.
And to be vulnerable and open.
And judged.
And loved.

Thank goodness
for Good Therapy.

Hope you're having a great week, too.
Tomorrow we'll continue on our Tour De Chile! :)


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