WOW Wednesday #3

Good Morning Mattterers!

Thank you for a great live chat last night!

When Bob's episode airs, we have a some great photos from Halloween at the Epstein's house.
Here I am dressed as one of my all time favorite producers, Ashley.

Remember, I'm away next week, so we'll live chat again in two weeks.
I leave for my adventure Tomorrow Morning, and I can not wait to catch up with some old friends!

Today is Work Out Wednesday!
Tomorrow we'll announce our Gift Away winner.

Yesterday, I had another amazing therapy session.
I'm telling you, surrounded by an incredible group of matterers in my life.

And we'll have an extra special VLog on Saturday.

For now, here's the work out for the week.
Get moving matterers, you are TOTALLY worth it.

So - Am I.

Pin it.
Do it.
Modify it.
Do it again.
Post about it.
Tweet it.

You know, do it up :)


  1. Replies
    1. AWESOME question! It's a simple, but core strengthening movement seen here:


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