W.O.Wednesday! #4 and Incredible Moms

Hi Matterers!
Did you check in over at HeidiPowell.net?
I had the wonderful honor of guest posting there yesterday, here's the article on People Pleasing.

Today is another Work Out Wednesday - you can find the other Work Outs under the Work Out Tab.

You can pin it.
Share it.
Tweet it.
You can do it.
Every Day this week.

Tabatas are a lot of fun.
They are fast, but a lot work in a compact work out time.
I've been 5king every day - but away from Crossfit for the last week.

Can't wait to get back to it today. :)

I also needed to shout out Rachel Cornellier.
Who spent last night girl gabbing with me until my phone died.
We're those kinda friends.

And I admitted something to her last night that I needed everyone to know.
She is the most amazing mother, I have ever known.
And no, I don't mean to me.
I mean to her beautiful children.
I mean, c'mon.  
SO cute.

I just got home from visiting the Powell Pack and Heidi is sure one fierce Mama.
I enjoy watching her parent too - and the way her children respect and admire her.

And IF someday, I become a parent - I hope I'm an amalgamation of all my great mama friends.
But, especially.


Because her style is effortless.
Jason, Rach, and I were all in LA for our surgeries together. (Rach decided she should be recovered in 4 days...and WAS!)

But the kids came too.
And watching them love on her.
Was probably the SWEETEST thing since sliced bread.

I adored listening to them call her Momma.
And ask her questions.
And even when she was recovering THEY were her priority - ALWAYS.

I think that's the kind of parenting that is selfless - AND still self full - Rach takes time for herself - but her family always comes first.

It's mesmerizing to watch.
And as much as I have a couple crush on Jason and Rach, I'm pretty sure it's a family crush.

Being a parent and being self full isn't always easy, but you wouldn't know that by watching Jason and Rachel do their thing.

I'm really blessed to call Rachel a friend.
And excited to help you support them in their new endeavor: Rhea Lana

That being stated.
It's also a really special lady's birthday.

Mrs. Jacqui McCoy.
Love you lots.
And I hope your birthday is a fabulous as I think you are! :)
And watch out Rach, because when Jacqui becomes a mom, you, Heidi, and Jacqui will be in a 3-way tie for some of my favs!


  1. Thank you so much!!! This was beyond sweet. I surely do love being a mama and I am glad it shines through. :)

  2. You know I admire you so much - just wanted you to know why! :)


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