Asking for Help.

Now, before we begin.
This is not, in fact, a post asking for help :).
It's a little bit of, "Hey, thanks for the help."
And a little reminder that it's OKAY to ask for it.

As B.I.G. gets bigger, and we get really excited about the premiere meeting TOMORROW NIGHT! I'd like to say thank you to all of you.

I needed help.
In determining where my energy should go.
I'm a helper.
It's in my nature.
And a doer.
Also, nature.
Part of who I am.

When I met my mother in Chile:
A full time student.
A full time worker at a University.
Caretaker to an elderly housemate.
And a full time mom to my little sister Jazmin, I thought.
Genetics. :)

And shifting from helping til hurt, which was my M.O. before.
Giving until I had nothing left.
And being so tired.
And unworthy.
That I just.

I mean.
That's no way to live.
I shifted.
To try and live a more self full life.

And I am.
Believe me.
Every day.
I am.

And so, I had to think:
Did I want to join the personal training band wagon?
I assure you.
I am not now, nor will I ever be, good at training.
I don't know how to tell you to be motivated.
I'm not very good at yelling.
And actually, I get thoroughly annoyed by the traditional forms of personal training.

Not where I wanted to put my energy.

Do I write a book?
Or become a life coach?
Or a weight loss coach?
Or a nutritionist?
Or go back to school?
Well, you get it right?
Lots of things I could do.

But I really needed,
what I REALLY needed was a space that I could help you.
While also helping me.
Because getting healthy.
Living healthy, is about recognizing yourself as a lifetime work in progress.
And believe me, I am.
I AM folks.

A space where we grow together.
And it's perfect really.
One night a week.
Checking in.
And growing.
And getting stronger.
And supporting.
And being supported.

And that came from you, my Matterers.
Who wanted to continue the conversations started over Live Chat.

So thank you.

Thank you.
For letting me talk your ear off last night.
About life.
And friendships.
And mostly for just being GreggBestFriend.
May your phone calls always come at the perfect minute.
And be just the right touch of judge-y and sarcastic.
Because that's just the way I like them.

NYC and Co.
That's actual NYC.
And the company I'll find there this weekend.
For cropping up at the exact moment I needed you.
An opportunity to sing.
In front of people.
Is just what I needed to get over this case of, "You're going to screw this up," that has been plaguing me for weeks now.

Asking for help is HARD.
Hard work.
Like, maybe if you do it all yourself it might be perfect.
And then, if it's not, at least it's totally my fault.

I'll take the blame.
But - I say - again, who wants to live like that?
With the incredible support in the world.
Around you.
I choose to ask for help because I know it's there.
And the right people.
With the perfect support.
Will be there.

And finally.
To my friends at Wal Mart.
Who on Saturday.
Notified me that my boxspring had arrived.
And had me sleeping in my brand new memory foam bed that night.
You matter.
You mattered so much at that moment.
So thanks, Wal Mart.
For a comfy place to rest my noggin'.

Okay B.I.G. family.
Tomorrow night is the night.

And Devotional Diva friends,
your giveaway winners are here:

And tomorrow, another giveaway begins.


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