B.I.G. Night One.

The excitement and suspense are killing me!
Yes.  That is also my Les Miserables face.  Same excitement.  And terror ;).

A small group.
Of really awesome women.
Trying to google hang out.
About learning to love ourselves.
And our bodies.
Where we are.
How we are.

I'm worried about the actual technicalities of the hangout.
I think even if it ends up as a live chat.
It will be good.

Great, even.

I'm also signed up for the Wifessionals September CaraBox Project - and I'm ridiculously excited.
I just spent WAY too much time on my matches websites.
Can't wait ladies!

Not that the Wedding of the Century is happening in a few...DAYS.
But it is.
And I can't help but attempt to contain my excitement about everything I wish for the happy couple.
Putting some of my efforts together to help them.
Has been a lot of fun.
Phoenix and Dragon.

Other things swirl inside my mind.
That I'd love to put together, but for the rest of today, I'm focused on B.I.G.

Les Mis crew.
My belly hurts.
From too many DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies.
And laughing so hard, I actually peed my pants.

Ahhh, the family of theater might be my favorite part.
If Eponine were real, I think it'd be her favorite part too.
Like for a few minutes.
The small world you live in accepts you.
Where you are.
For who you are.
Regardless of all your hang ups.
Or who your parents are :).

And I love all of you, in case I don't make the ridiculously clear, nightly.


  1. It was a good chat! Thanks. :) Leave it to me to be the first one to get teary eyed. LMBO. Diane

    1. LOVE.
      That you are here.
      That you matter.
      And that you shared.
      Making our group even better!


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