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Les Mis.
Is going up in a week.
In fact.
This time next week.
My head will be in a toilet some where.
And I will be praying I keep food down.
And remember my lines.
And if people hate my performance, they are nice enough to say nothing :)

But really.
I'm ridiculously excited.
This cast.
This cast.
I'm quite certain, that if you've done theater, then you know.

You know the magic of a theater family.
And I've crutched on mine a lot.
Take for example last night.
When I missed a cue while getting costume fitted.
And Pat, our Marius, just sang my part :).
And laughed because he was singing my part.
To me.

And I hope, as I'm sure we all do in theater.
That these are friends I will know the rest of my life.
As Tender Heart Bear might say, In Real Life Friends. :)
And that when I get married on an island somewhere.
These are people who know about it.
Obviously they're not invited since, I'm eloping.
But, they'd be the first to know ;).

I speak about this cast, as I did earlier this week in therapy.

Lots of things.

How vague can I be?!
Are changing in my life.
I've made some tremendously difficult decisions.
Hard heart ones.
That will.
Change the landscapes of a lot of "friendships".
In the coming weeks.

And ever the amazing therapist.
Dr. Rubin seemed.
Because one of these big life changes.
Will leave a complete friendship group closed.
And there was a perspective that maybe, I really need that group.

I'm set.
On it.
And several other big life changes.
And the fact that the closest friends I have.
Aren't going anywhere.

Friends that are flying from Texas.
And Philadelphia.
And Seattle.
And California.
And driving from all over the Northeast.  DELAWARE!
To see Les Miserables.

They don't need to.
Don't really want to.
We're making weekends of it.

And I can not wait.
Such incredible people.
Who let me learn to shine my light this year.
And now, are letting me thank them!

Shopping trips.
Work outs.
Hot Apple Cider.
It's going to be a magical end to September and beginning to October.

And I want to explicitly thank the friends that have made a visit happen.
No matter where I end up after October 13th.
I know the communities of friends I roll in.
They'll support.
Whatever crazy thinks I come up with. :)

The newest of these.
Is B.I.G.

And in reality.
This first session has exceeded my expectations.
I look forward with anticipation to chatting with these ladies.
And I'd be lying if I didn't say the mid October finale will be bitter sweet :).

I really and truly do.
Have some of the greatest groups of friends.
Some of the best.
And my theater family.
All of them.
Even the ones from years ago.
Play prominently in my mind.

And is this another thank you post?
I have a lot of that.
For a lot of you. :)


  1. Thank you for what YOU do because YOU MATTER! I'm so thankful our lives have crossed! Blessings to you Jami and yes the mid October finale will be bitter as we won't meet anymore at least not like the session but sweet that new friends have been made! Love you girl. Diane


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