Know when you have a cold.
And your eyes and nose are runny.
And silly thinks bring tears to your eyes.

That's me.
And I'm suddenly nostalgic for my kids.
Indulge me.
While I remember my kids.
And the top 10 things I miss from teaching:

Daily Flight Plans:
 Stars of the Week
 Silly Glasses and Class Photos
This Ode to Mario Brothers during free time.
Yeah.  That's KINDERGARTEN.  Bam.  Oh Gabriel.
 A good morning message.
An Interactive Math Word Wall.
Those are on magnets.
And yes, you can take them to your seat to use.
 Our Science Investigation Wall
After we observed and brainstormed together.
 Parent Teacher Conferences!
 Build a Rainbow Behavior Boards!
Epic Open House Nights



  1. Wow super cute classroom! I am certified to teach, but can't find a position (for many reasons) so this made me smile too. I miss it so much...


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