September. All. Ready.

Oh matterers.

Bed deliveries.
Friends giving of their time.
Farmers carry of 50 gallon water jugs.

As I sat on the bottom of the steps at my beautiful condo one last time, I thought a lot about the symbolism of moving.

Moving on.
Just moving.

This year of Extreme has been a lot of fun.
But, I'm ready to keep moving.

One place I've already gone, is over to
I can not explain to you how lovely Renee is.

You know - I know - that God places people on our paths precisely when we need them.

And there was Renee.
With kind words.
And an offer to share her latest and greatest work.

Which just happens to be something I'm working on.
Forgiving myself. :)

And Matterers, Renee is SO awesome, that I had the chance this past Sunday to guest post.
About suicide.
And living.

And I want to pass along some of the kindness Renee has shared.
We're giving away a few copies of her book, Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me!

And Matterers.
As amazing as Renee is.
This book.
It's even Amazing-er.

Yea, it's that good.
It's a workbook.
And a soulbook.
And an I matter book.

And I can't wait to get you your own copy.
You can enter in a lot of ways, from now until Sunday.
Enter daily, for your chance to win!

And I get asked adorably, a lot - "If I know you in real life, I shouldn't enter, right?"

OF COURSE you should enter!
My goodness.
Enter away.
(Except you, Mom (love ya'), because you can borrow my copy, don't be greedy.) ;)

(And YES.  You do have to have liked both Devotional Diva and my Extreme Page first!  Sorry, some things are just required! :) )

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Along with this giveaway, I hope a lot of you entered Jacqui and Mer's Dietbet:

And that you'll be back in just a few hours to Live Chat the finale of Extreme Weight Loss and Celebrate one Mr. Bob Brenner's success!  Love you, brother!


  1. Jami you are so amazing. Thanks for sharing my book with your matter-ers :) I am so honored. I am crying!

  2. i am proud of your "growth" and your honesty. many blessings on this new adventure. thank you for this opportunity. :)

  3. Looks like a very good book. Would love to win it but even if I don't I'll be checking it out! Thanks. Diane

  4. Super interested in reading this book! We are going to be talking about forgiveness in November at our Bible studies, and I'd love to read Renee's wisdom from the Lord about it!

    1. Helena, I created Chapter Videos for Bible Study format for "Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me" at :)


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