BIG Love!

If you're new around here - or missed the announcement.
Are waiting patiently for your turn :).

Is our Body Image Group.
It runs for weeks 6 weeks.
We meet Tuesday nights @ 8 for one hour.
We come from all over.
In different spots in our "self love".
We're learning and opening up.
And growing.
And session one.
Created some of the biggest shoes.
I could ever think of.

They were/are? Diverse.
Hard thinkers.
Did I already say Beautiful?

And Leaders.
The lot.

I was in Therapy last week and my amazeballs Therapist was trying to get me to accept the word Leader.
In her own kind way.
"I sense," she said, "You don't like that I'm trying to give you this word."
"But, you are.  And the best kind, because you're not trying to LEAD people, you're trying to be a part of the community.  And by being you and real.  You lead by example."

And yes.
I was filled with warm fuzzies about that.
Not because I felt like a leader.
But I could see everyone in our group as a Leader TOO!

When I started B.I.G., it came from knowing I didn't want to train.
Or be a personal trainer.
Couldn't really.
I didn't want to get Crossfit Certified.
Or be a nutritionist.
Or dietitian.

Couldn't because.
For a lot of reasons.
I'm not qualified.
And more so.
I still need help.

Did I just say that out loud?
I'm still a work in progress.
I go to therapy.
And eating clinics.
And work with trainers.
To figure out how to live this life.
And therefore.

It would be VERY unhelpful.
For me to tell YOU.
What the right thing for you is.
I have no idea.

That's not true.
I have ideas.
I'm working the ideas just like you.

So B.I.G. comes from there.
Wanting to work on the way I feel about myself.
And talk to folks who want to do the same.

And boy howdy has it ever been amazing.
Bucket filling.
Some of the ladies came to see Les Miserables.
SO SO SO kind.
Some live here.
Or over there.

Some have cats.
Have kids.
Have had weight loss surgery.
Have weight to lose.
Have things they love.
Have had surgeries.
Teach health.

But all of them.
Are loved.

And matter.

If you want to apply for the next group of B.I.G. Session Two.
You can do that here: Apply Now!
If you've already applied and didn't make into the first group.
You're already on the list here.
And we'll do the Lottery in a few weeks.

More details are also found at that post.
Is it free?: YES!
Do I have to have access to a video chat: Yes! (We Google Hang Out)
Can I come in my Pj'S:  YUPPERS.
I'm nervous: WE ALL ARE.
Is it fun?: TONS.


  1. Beautiful, insightful, compassionate Jami. We are all a work in progress. The day we stop progressing, we die. You ARE a leader. You ARE an inspiration. You don't have to accept the title, but that doesn't make it any less true. I have seen a lot of shows that help people get fit and healthy and I had never connected with one in the way I did you. Maybe it was the commonality of being adopted and struggling with our weight and self image, but many of those shows have some of those similarities. I wondered once I saw the non-tv Jami if that would change. It just grew. You feel like family to me. I don't blame you for not being a trainer or a dietician. It's not because you aren't qualified to do those things. You can do anything you want to do. What you chose to do to pay it forward was perfect for you though and has already helped one group of crazy ladies. You'll continue to do so for countless more. We will pay it forward too in our own way by helping others... a chain reaction of beautiful support and love. Thank you so much for coordinating (does that sound better than leading?) this and for your openness and caring. Maybe one day when I'm out of school and have more free time I'll lead my own group and help open their eyes like you did mine. I'll be eternally grateful and forever your friend.

  2. Did group two start already? Thought I was on the list from missing group one. DeniseMB

    1. It did not :) We are hoping to have it up and running Mid November. :)


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