Extra SMALL?!

I get sassy.
You may not like it.
But then.
That's the best part of this space.
You don't HAVE to.
You can skip reading.
Or post a comment.
Or read it and chuckle.
But it's an OPINION of mine.
Not stated fact of a clinician.
Just jamaze, talking jamaze. ;)

I sent Chris and Heidi a photo.
Because I was proud of it.
And they kindly posted it.
With their congratulations.
Because, as Chris reminds me, they ARE really proud of me.

Photo Cred: Don @ Springfield Republican

And that was all the photo was.
The caption to the photo from me, was:
“My first SMALL Tshirt and XS Pant.”


Fast forward a few hundred comments and a thread starting emerging.
About how there was no way I could be an XS.
(To be fair, it was an XS bottom, and SM top)
And the fiercely adorable Jamazeballs fans?
Well, they took to the board to fight for what they knew to be true.
Which is that sizes doesn’t matter.
How I wear a 4 on the bottom .
And a women's Large on top?

Something else got me thinking.
A comment made about how we were propagating XS as ME.
And so many people want to be XS small, that saying that I was, was hurtful or damaging in some way?

To the manatee?
To fainting goats?
To skinny people?
Heavy folks?
To the Chileans?
To unicorns?
To people who live in Pink Houses?
Or glass ones?

If I decide to put on a purple jumpsuit and go to work that way.
If I tell everyone I’m a size 4X in real life.
If I say I’m Small.
Or Medium.

That isn’t yours.
To idolize.
Or to judge.

But seriously.
Thanks for thinking that I.
Or a photo of me.
Has that much power.
It makes me feel like Thor. ;)

Someone put her sassy pants on today.
And by someone, I mean me.

Why CAN’T I be an extra small?
Because I’m strong?
Because I have muscles?

Because I don’t have the body type for it?
Maybe because as a society, we don’t even know what extra small really is!
Except that it is most definitely not me?
Or my body type?
Did anyone see Dying to be thin!?!?

But XS CAN be me.
So can XL.
Much to the chagrin of my Sister, Jen, who gets so angry when I pick XL anything these days. 
Because I’m really not.

And if YOU want to be an XS too.
Workout pants.
I have them in Blue.
And maybe even Purple Jumpsuit. ;)

Hey Matterers.
Thank you.
For being there.
Even when I can’t comment to the crazies.
It’s appreciated.



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