I need to sleep.
Tomorrow, I start at a new school.
In third grade.
And I can't wait.

Not the point.

I wanted to once again say:

My inbox was flooded once again.
With beautiful emails and messages.
And photos.
And stories.
Thank you for reaching out.
I'm slowly working through them now.

To the 6 marriage proposals,
Thank you.
Too kind.
I'm just dating right now.
But thank you.

Remember when my show first aired this summer, and some of you said this:

"I have to say you are the ONLY contestant that I have seen who is totally unlikeable. A half marathon after two weeks? Seriously? I call bullshit on that. Usually I root for everyone on this show but I just think Jami is a big cry baby and a non likeable contestant."

 And I felt strengthened by your unkindness.
Because I knew it wasn't true.

And all the people that called me whiney.
And annoying.
And ugly.
Ugly was my favorite.
Because I really wanted to talk to those people.
And say.
The voices in my head have been calling me that my entire life.

I was prepared for those people.
Because my own wounded voice, says the same thing.
All the time.

But this airing was different.
So much love.
And warmth.
Kindness and amazing stories of YOUR weight loss.

Thank you for sharing.
And for believing in someone you just watched on TV.
As I've eased back in real life.
And working.
And performing.
I am reminded.
That I am still a work in progress.

Someone emailed me about the fact that I really needed therapy.

Of all the things that the show left out.
The most important was my sister Jen.

The second most important.
Was my therapist.
Who I still work with.
A lot.

And yes.
For real.
In real life.

Chris too.
But a lot of it was getting help.
For a lot of issues.
Issues like.
Self loathing.
And Issues around food.
And people pleasing.

Not so much on being adopted.
Because being adopted.
My family is AWESOME.
Even my moms are AWESOME.
Crazy as all get out.

Ah, editing.

But I wanted you to know.
Real life.
And thanks for the love.


  1. The only thing missing from this episode was live chat while it was airing! My husband said to me "Haven't you seen this one before?" I said, "Yes, but it's important. That's my friend Jami." I'm sorry people were so mean and ugly to you the first time your episode aired. I know you probably took it to heart more than you admit. Remember that you are a truly remarkable, loveable, inspirational young woman. You are loved. And you MATTER!!! DeniseMB

  2. First of all, only you can understand your story and your struggles. And whether you appeared whiny or "unlikable" -- you were acting like yourself back then. Don't feel bad about who you used to be. You've grown so much as a person and those who criticized you need a lot of personal growth. The sad part is that many of them WILL NOT realize that they need spiritual growth, which is why there will constantly be mean, critical people. Like I said in twitter, you are an inspiration. I, as well as many, appreciat you for who you used to be and who you are continuing to be. :-) Great attitude, Jami!

  3. On the show, I thought you were fantastic! So honest, kind, relatable, and human. You're my favorite person to be featured on EWL, hands down. (And after reading your blog, I think you're even MORE awesome!)

    Thanks for being you! Good luck at the new school.

  4. Beautiful then and beautiful now. To those who were so cruel may they remember karma is a *^&$#. You are AMAZEBALLS!


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