Blue Skies and Ruby Gems!

Did you miss me?
Probably not ;).

Or a little, right?
Three of you texted.
Two of you messaged.
One of you Emailed.
And said.
"Hi.  Blog, please."
And I've been thinking.
I need to.

Here we are.
I've been posting pictures furiously on Facebook.

Hoping they make up for my crazy thinks.

While I was away.
A lot of life in my "personal personal" life has changed.
It's none of your personal business.
Three relationships ended.
And one began.
And in the end of that equation.
I'm alone.
And spending Thanksgiving hashing out the end of the most Epic one.
And yes. 
That's capitilized to symbolize 12 years of baggage.

In short.
Dating life.
Really isn't what this blog is about.
So I just wanted to say.
I'm awkward.
At life.
And dating.
And that's really all there is to say about that.

And while we're on the subject.
I don't need to be set up with every single male friend and or person you know in life.
But thanks anyways.
I'm sure your dentist is a really great guy.
But it won't work.
And then things will be awkward for you and me.
And your dentist.

While I don't need someone to be in peak physical condition.
I work out a lot.
So someone who works out a lot too.
Could maybe actually see me.
I'm at the gym when I'm not at work.
You know.

Getting down.

(Unless you are my last remaining HS crush. 
Then you don't have to work out.
Or do much of anything.
We could do dinner.
Anytime.) ;)

This post.
Is really about blue skies.

I drive an hour to work each day.
In case you missed it.
In my real life.
I am a teacher.
I have a masters in education.
And am going to begin work on my EdD.
I teach 3rd grade.
And I love it.
My kids.
My school.
My amazeballs principal.

And I get one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon.
To appreciate the blue skies.
That brought me here.
Every bad experience.
Prior to here.
Has taught me.
That here exists.
This place.
Where people FIGHT for their kids.
Love them.
Believe in them.
Crossfit with them.
Tae Kwon Do with them.
Mrs. Rosenthal, we even HULA HOOP! :)
had hoped to return to where I taught last fall.
And I miss that school.
And those people, oodles.
Mrs. Dixon.
My heart.
And Mrs. Powe.

For this year at least, I'm where I need to be.
In love with learning.
And loving.
And crazy lives that seem to simmer.
And kids who say things like, "I feel like safe here.  Like, we can learn.  Like, we're cool."
Yes, I said to him today, those things are all true, little dude.
Those skies are totally blue.

And so will the skies be over Chicago.
When I fly there in December to visit one of the greatest guys, ever, in the history of mankind life.

And so are the skies over Providence.
Where I will go in a few days to see Phantom of the Opera.
And one of my favorite Ballerinos.
Do his Thang.

And so are the skies over all my new friends.
Who keep checking on me.
Hoping I'll be free in a minute :).

Busy times.
Happy Times, Mehrbie would say.
Traveling to Philly.
And DC.
And friends.

Did I already say that?
So many friends.


Miss Ruby Lane Powell.
Turned the Powell Pack into a Six Pack.
As it has ALWAYS been meant to be.
And can I tell you.
I told my students about Ruby.
And the way one of them said her name, Ruuuuuuuuby.
It melted my heart.
She is so loved.
And the entire Extreme Family is happy for Chris and Heidi!
Congrats, Friends!

Oh yeah.
And EVD.
I have two auditions this weekend.
Keep spring travel open ;)


  1. Look at you in that Amazing sweater over those skinny legs! Goodness this has been some year watching you and you allowing us to share in your life.Like the commercials a long time ago used to say "you've come a long way baby" So proud of you and so happy to have been along for the ride!


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