It happened.
This past week.

I felt it.

Big limb.
Bout to walk out on.


I know.
It's weird.
To be 30.
And be waiting this long to fit somewhere.
But I have been.
Prayed on it, a lot.
This past year.
While Amazing.
Was a lot of not fitting.

And feeling like.
There was something inherently wrong with me.
And that if I could just change.
I'd fit somewhere.

And then.
All of sudden.
When I finally.
Let go.
And starting breathing.
And enjoying me the way I am.
I realized.
I was surrounded by those friends.
The ones I had been waiting for.
All along.

This social calendar week.
Was insane.
In.  Sane.
From dinners.
And runs.
And work outs.
To meeting new friends.
And fro-yo runs.
And happy babies.
And parties.
And showers.
And family.

And on Thursday, when I went to dinner with some new friends.
I realized.
I like me.
For the first time.
In my entire life.
Just the way I am.

As I am.
Ever Changing.
Usually say the most ridiculous things.

This week.
Has reinvigorated my soul.

And reminded me that.
The answers to what worries us.
Isn't the thing we've been praying for.
It is something that will grow.
Inside of us.

If you are one of these friends.
Who loves and accepts me.
Just as I am.
All the crazy.
And all.
The ones who blow up my phone all night long.
Leave awesome love songs.
And messages.
And Facebooks.
If you filled my social calendar this month.
Can I tell you?
You've done SO much more than that. :)

And I adore you for it. :)


  1. Isn't it good to KNOW and ACCEPT that you are loved and needed in this world? The world loves you and needs you Jami. I am so happy to be acquainted with you and your story....and your story is BEAUTIFULLY evolving.

  2. Oh my gosh. Yes. This. I love it. So true. Me too. Love you! So glad I have come to know you. You're beautiful!

  3. I wasn't on your calender but I was with you in my heart reading your posts of facebook. I'm so happy that you feel you belong and that you like you. I think you are one amazing woman and I'm so thankful that I've been able to get to know you from afar and from B.I.G. You are amazing lady! God bless you. Diane


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