Remembering Chile

These are my confessions.
Not today ;)

We'll talk more outpatient ED shtuff.
Or later.
We will.
Therapy Thursdays, and all.

One year ago.
I was swimming at the San Alfonso Del Mar.
In Algorrobo.
1.2 Miles.
The grabbing a kayak on the beach.
And carrying it 1.2 Miles.
And then kayaking 1.2 Miles.
And then running 1.2 Miles.  In under two hours.
With my favorite peeps in the entire boat.
And Rob.
Camera A.
Almost sunk the pontoon boat.
And broke the chair in my little apartment.
And we all had dinner.
But I was afraid to eat.
And Joli reassured me from 100 miles away, that I could.
We all had an amazing amazing time.
Challenge and all.

To Assmus, Speegs, Kemp and Holm.
To Jordan, who I'm pretty sure slept through most of it.
And my amazing translator.
And everyone who made Chile happen.
Even CP.
Who got bit by a dog in Peru.
Thereby ensuring, I'd challenge on alone :)

Unbelievably humbled still.
By your kindness.
And the experience as a whole.


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