2014 - One Word

If you need to know more about One Word ---> One Word.

I stewed.

Ruminated some more.
And read.
Did I read?!
A lot of resolutions.
And listened.
To a lot of folks.
And music.
And wrote.

And here we are.
Four days into 2014.
And I have the word.
That will light the way this year.


And yet.
So much easier said than done.
Am.  I.  right?

So this year's intention.
Is to live Free.
Live Freely.
Let go.
Of the chains that bind.
Of the words.
And acceptance I have craved.
Even coveted.
And just live.

I want to be free from my ED.
And free to travel about the globe.
And free to move.
And free to run.
And free to eat.
And free to think.
And love.

And free from people pleasing.
And free to take care of myself.
And my kids.
And my loves.

And free to be me.
Did I really just steal some lyrics from Francesca Batistelli?

That's the way I want to live this year.
Because 2013.
It WAS epic.
And 2012.
Totally going to make that a thing.

Is all about living free.

Being Free.
Enjoying the moments that I laugh.
And enjoying the ones that make me cry.

Used to be such a scary thing.
A thing I wasn't in control of.
And anything I can't control.
Induces Fear.

Is about letting go of that fear.
That people might see…
The sadness.
The sickness.
The brokenness.
The silliness.
The reflection the way I do.

Which, in case you were wondering, EVD, isn't just huge (which, please, like that's not going away tomorrow?), it's brave.
And strong.
And sturdy.
And loved.
And loving.
And hopeful.
And brown.

2014 is about to be lived Freely.

Which starts with a trip to Florida to force my sister to celebrate her birthday with me in my favorite-est place on earth.

St. Augustine.
Where we will drink from the fountain of youth.
And shop.
And eat at A-1.
And chat with sand between our toes.
Until we most likely freeze to death.
Because that's what sisters, like Jen, do.
Spend THEIR 29th Birthdays with you at YOUR favorite place.
So needed.

Towards the end of the month, I'll fly to Chicago.
For a Whole Brain Teaching Conference.
Some Matt time.
And some Phantom of the Opera time.
AKA, some Dustin Time. :)

Some running and working out time.
Because the big Live Free trip is planned for the end of the February.
To L.A.
To Gregg.
And hiking.
And paddleboarding.
And crossfitting.
And Sun.
And sand.

Working hard to LIVE Free.
Which is actually really expensive.
And that's okay ;).


  1. Loved this Jami, it's beautifully and wisely said! Free indeed!


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