Be Inspired.

I'm back.
To blogging at a normal clip.

And today.
It's about inspiration

One of my littles tackeled giving "inspiration" a personality.
A little poetry into personification today:

Be Inspired
By: ZZtop (Name Changed)

Inspired is the new belief.
Be inspired by new things.
Be inspired by good people.
Be inspired by doing what you believe in.
B inspired by your dreams.
Be inspired by your culture.
Be inspired by your life.
Be inspired by your Destiny.
Be inspired by your future.
Be inspired by LOVE!
I know what your thinking.
I love them so much too.
Their creativity is boundless.
Their energy and kindess.
Thoughtfulness make going to work.
The best thing in the world.

When they tell me their goal in life is to make a difference.
I believe them.

Not just a little.
A lot.

In short.
They inspire me.

Perhaps the most precious part of my job is getting to view me and my days through the eyes of a kid.  Who only knows me as Miss W.           
Because to them.
I just teach.
And run.
And love.

And I don't work hard to love myself.
Or cry on my way to work, overwhelmed by the real fear that I'm doing it all wrong.
Or the way home from work that I'll never be enough.
Or that Nothing and No Good is real.
But I also realize that through them, I might also be inspired to love myself.
And more and more, I'm inspired to do that.
And worry less.
About worrying.
And eating.
And running.
And pushing up.
And losing weight.
And just living.
And being inspired to live.
Inspired living.
That's pretty much the greatest gift ever.
On a totally unrelated note. 
I'm headed to Colorado in June for the Latin American Hertiage Adoption Camp.
And folks.
I can not wait. :)
I can.
WAIT. :)


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