Finding My Source.

I started to blog about therapy tonight.
Because it was awesome.
Good cry awesome.
Like honestly.
It was just.
And maybe that's waiting to come in another blog post.
But boy howdy.
The new BLOG!?  


Ashley from DESIGNER BLOGS did this one and it was EXTREMELY affordable.
So me.
And just.
I needed.

She was fast.
The design was pre fab:).
And she was absolutely delightful to work with.

Warning - if your click over to their'll be there for hours! :)
I waited an entire year, searching for the site that spoke to me.

Aside from the new design.
I have to tell you about my babies.
My class.
My amazing group of third graders.
So if you don't care about blog design.
Or cool kids.
Check back tomorrow, where I'll be talking.
And trying to eat.
And learning to love food again.
And myself for that matter.

But today.
My kids are too cute not to share.

I ate lunch with them today.
Played with them at recess.

If you're a teacher and don't normally do recess duty.
Or have to eat lunch with them.
And you do.

You become superman for a minute.
And their like..."YOU'RE COMING TO RECESS?!?!?!" :)

Because I love you.
And I believe in you.
And the fact that.
We can do recess and lunch without drama.
We can.
We can love each other.
The way we do in our tiny classroom.
All the time.
Even when I'm not there.
So we're going to try gradual release :)

"Miss Witherell, your dress is so lovely."
"Your dress is so pretty."
"Miss Witherell, you're always so colorful."
And Miss Shelby, melted my heart, "Miss Witherell," she whispered walking down the hall, "You are beautiful today."

And a much needed hug.
And Love that Dog.

I don't know about me and children.
I'm not just.
It's like.
It's a great big world.
And lots of people who were meant to be parents.
And I'm just.
It's like.
These are my babies.
They are.
And helping to raise them.
Is like my eternal Christmas for a little part of the year.

And I have to tell you.
On days like today.
Spring ones.
Where we end with hugs goodbye.
And smiles the size of Texas about Math.
And Perimeters.

And reading geometry in a science poem.
And LOVE That Boy.

And Walter Dean Myers.
And the hope.
That even though they sleep in homeless shelters or on the floor of their nana's house until their parents stop fighting.
Or 4 in a bed.
Or have dads who are like...I'm not taking you.
Or moms who work 12 hour days.
And whatever else comes their way.
I mean they.
Fill ME with hope.
Because it lives in them.
In their desire to learn.
This is a post about what I love about them.
And how it helps me love me.
And love teaching, a profession, which in no uncertain terms, isn't my life path.

In my life.
I'm so grateful for little people.
All 8 of them.
Who call room 113 home.
And me.
Their school mom.


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