What about May?


Where did the month go?

In my world.
It went to getting my kids ready for the Math 3rd Grade MCAS.
And MAP testing.
And DIBELS benchmarking.

That's where May went.
And computers dying.
It went there too.

WAY back on May 4th.
I ran the Philadelphia Broad Street Run.
10 miles.
10 blissfull miles.
With EVD and CropDuster.
Two of my Besties.

Round about Mile 4.5...
I knew something was really wrong with my body.
Like really wrong.
I limped the last miles.
In the worst hip and foot pain ever.

Note to the world.
I have bursitis...
And I knew this was going to have to be my last big run.

And it was.
What I didn't plan on...
was along with the world's worst bursitis...


breaking my foot in 3 places!
That was a bonus.
Boot and all.
And yet.
In true...
there will always be something inside of me fashion...
I kept going.
I finished the race.
I drove home.
I went to the gym
In that last month, in a boot.
I've trained.
And kept active.
Even one proverbial and literal foot down

The point is.
We keep moving forward.

My kids ROCKED the MCAS.
And MAP tests.
We even kicked butt in Lexia.

Right now, we're getting reading for an International Field Day.
And my littles are writing their yearbooks.

Not going to lie, my favorite yearbook line comes care of JR.
"The best thing about MY 3rd grade teacher is... she is so stylish and ACTIVE."

I mean.
I love.

In less than a month I head off to Denver and the Latin American Heritage Camp.
Which to say I'm excited...
Is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year.
I can't wait.

So great.

After camp, I head back to Boston.
For the actual 10th summer with the Boston Ballet.
10 years.
It gets better every year.
I grow there EVERY DAY.

And to say I'm excited...
You know.

Thirty one is also only a few days a way.
Going to spend 31 one, doing 31 random acts of kindness.
I matter.
And so do you :).


  1. Warrior!! Sounds like a fantastic May and an exciting June. Thank you for the update and your truth. Inspiring!


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